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Project - i have to say


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What a wonderful LO!

Project - i have to say
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Project - i have to say
by pcarr
posted 03/11/04 at 06:10 AM
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i have been very ill recently, and wanted to say all the special things that need to be said, a special thank you to Thena for writing the words for me… it goes like this How Do I Say It…

Everyday is a miracle
And filled with your love for me
Your tenderness and devotion
Are all so very precious to see.

Things in my life aren't easy now
And know that you feel my pain
But your constant love and compassion
Helps me to smile again.

You put your desires on hold
And sacrifice your time
As you so unselfishly
Put your needs after mine.

You joy over my successes
And willingly you share my tears
Understanding in your dear hearts
My joys as well as my fears.

In so many ways you bless me
And bring gentle sunshine to my day
As you add joy and delight to my life
By all you do and say.

You make my heart so full
Of wonderful things
That it hums, it marvels
And oh how it sings

When any of my family
Come into my view
My heart overflows completely
With love for you!

So many times this message
I've wanted to send
But though it flowed from my heart
The flow seemed to end
Before it found its way
To the tip of my pen.

But the words have been there
For such a long time
If you just see them
In this heart of mine.

And now I have said them
And now you know
That my love for each of you
Will just grow and grow.

Thank you dear family
And God bless you each day
For all of the joy
That you bring my way!!


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