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Project - sentiment cabinet



What a great way to store your stamps. I like how you stamped your labels. Definitely a great thrift store find.

Love the way you stamped the labels. This is really cute!

Great! I love how you stamped the "labels" on each section!

This looks so organized and clean the way it is. How wonderful that you could repurpose something. Good job. Thank you for sharing.

How cool, I like the mysterious former life of your cabinet. It looks perfect now for you sentiment stamps. Great find and makeover.

Excellent makeover, I would love to have a little shelf unit like this!

Project - sentiment cabinet
About this project

Project - sentiment cabinet
by lana
posted 06/19/14 at 10:38 PM
Galleries: Stamping

I found this cabinet in a thrift store. It was wood and stained brown and had two doors and two drawers. I thought it was a medicine cabinet until I opened it and found four shelves inside. I have no idea what its original use was, but I immediately thought of wood mounted stamps. I took off the doors, and removed the drawers (they are another project I am working on).mmI stamped sentiments on the edge of the shelves to indicate what kind of stamps are there. Each shelf can lift out and on the very bottom, I used acrylic box frames. I really did not want to adorn it with a lot of paper because most of my craft furniture is from Michaels and is white.

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