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Project - My scrapbooking Armorie


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I love your armoire! Could you tell me where you purchased it? I'm looking into buying one and I think yours is the best one I've seen so far.

Project - My scrapbooking Armorie
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Project - My scrapbooking Armorie
by JenMB20fan
posted 12/04/03 at 01:11 PM
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I really LOVE my armoire. Its so spacious, and best of all it closes up and LOCKS when Im finished working. Its so nice to be able to close everything up when your not working.
The first 2 pictures are what the desk looks like now. The other 4 are when I first got it. The 4th picture shows one of my favorite things, the pull out keyboard tray. I use it to hold all my cutting tools, so when I need them all I have to do is pull out the tray and slide it back when Im done. there is also lots of room underneath for stuff I dont use all that often. And the shelves go back deep, so there is stuff behind all my idea books and embellishment holders. Also its hard to tell from the pictures, but the shelf the paper tray is on pulls out over your work area for easier reach. (this is where a computer montior would go)

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