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Project - Mastered - Closure Layout



Beautiful journaling! I was adopted so I don't know where I get my creativity from. I am so thankful that you took the time to get to know your mom, even if it was after she passed. Blessings to you.

I'd also like to have the receipe if you have time.


this is wonderful. I'm so sorry you lost your mom, twice. Blessings to all who knew and loved her.

Wonderful layout and journalling on this one...congratulations. I would love the receipe for these bars if you could forward it to me that would be very much appreciated.


amazing LO, such heartfelt journaling

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Project - Mastered - Closure Layout
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Project - Mastered - Closure Layout
by Jules17
posted 01/22/08 at 08:21 PM
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If your a cryer read no more. This is a layout which may seem odd at first but once you read my journaling you'll figure it out. TFL - any comments more than welcome and I'm sorry if I made you cry….it was a layout that offered closure to myself, something I needed.

PS. If you want the receipie featured on this layout, which is amazing and not too sweet, just comment and I will send it to you! TFL!


Dear Mom,

You left me at an early age and I never got the chance to know you. For many years I was very angry and hurt by you. I tried my hardest not to be like you. Thought I didn�?Tt know you, I knew that I couldn�?Tt be like you.

The years went on and I had no desire to make you a part of my life. I had a mom, a step mom. She made me super and cared for me. She was there for me.

In 2007 I got married, and I realized the importance of family. I decided I wanted to meet you and to see where I came from. I wanted to wait for that perfect time, when I had finally become someone to be proud of. I guess I waited to long. You fell ill quickly in September and no one could tell me, so before I knew it you were gone again.

At your funeral I learnt about you, and I felt proud. You had a big heart, were very creative, and were an excellent chef. Although you went through some difficult times in life, you were a daughter, a wife, and a friend. But most of all you gave birth to me, you were my mother. You may have never been there for me emotional or physically but I still have you to thank. I have to thank you for my good looks, big heart, creativity, and culinary skills.

When I found out about your amazing Nanaimo bars I knew what I had to do. I needed to make these my specialty, so I could be just like you.

I forgive you.

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