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Project - Disney Autograph Peek-a-Boo Book



Awesome!! Love the peek a boo boxes!!

very cute...your kids are going to enjoy them.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this! You make it sound soooooo easy to do! GREAT pics! This just ROCKS! BOS! TFS!!

How cute! Love the little peek through holes. <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'> I'm sure your adorable girls are enjoying this! Into my BOS. tfs!

WOW!!!! What a great idea! Into my BOS. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

This is so super cute. We're going to WDW in January and I was looking for an idea for the autograph book. This would be great if you don't mind a scraplift!!

Project - Disney Autograph Peek-a-Boo Book
About this project

Project - Disney Autograph Peek-a-Boo Book
by hansli
posted 12/06/06 at 12:40 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Although I did not do this “on the road,” the style was inspired by Ali Edwards' “Scrapbook on the road” of her trip to the Netherlands, which was featured in Creating Keepsakes March 2006 issue. I loved her use of the square punch to create “windows” to peek at the next page. My kids adore “peek-through” books, so it seemed only logical to make this book for them with little windows to peek through.

First, I used a plain spiral-bound stack of blank (not lined) index cards for the Disney characters to sign on.

Once home, I scanned all the autographs and sized them to fit in a roughly 2x3 box. I printed them out on cardstock, cut them to equal size, and inked the edges.

I used a Canson 5x7 “spiralled mini album” with 24 black pages.

I printed my photos 4x6 and cropped them to 5“ tall for most pages. It is essential to print them on matte paper and not glossy to limit fingerprint damage.

I then worked front to back, placing a photo on the page, and then estimating where to punch the 1.5” square punch by placing the next photo for the page beneath. I basically alternated having the punch on the left or the right near the top of the page. I then put the autograph in the remaining space. I used temporary adhesive until I was happy with the placement.

After making the punches, I fanned out the book and brushed red acrylic paint around the “windows” to give them definition. I let it dry overnight.

I used Mod-Podge Acid-free Non-Tacky Paper adhesive to adhere everything down. I put a second coat over all the pages to strengthen them, but only around the edges of the photos, not on the photos themselves. I was disappointed with the performance of the Mod-Podge. It was supposed to be non-tacky, but the pages do tend to stick to one another.

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