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Project - AAM Newbies-HS Memories


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Project - AAM Newbies-HS Memories
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Project - AAM Newbies-HS Memories
by Superscraps
posted 02/09/04 at 03:08 PM
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My HS page for my AAM album. Everything is K & Co. This is the only picture I have here of me in High School…Mom has everything else…but I hope to add more later. Journaling is hidden and reads:My High School Years
My High School years were like something you’d read in a novel about
a small town. It was, in a word, idyllic. Nashville in the 70’s was a perfect little
place. You could walk down Main Street, stop in at TG&Y and get a burger and a coke, then walk on down to the drug store and buy makeup.
Fun consisted of “riding around” on Friday and Saturday nights. This was driving down Main Street, circling the Sonic, stopping and parking and talking if anybody interesting was there, then driving back down Main street, and pulling in at the Texaco. We’d park there for awhile and sit on the tailgates of pickup trucks and visit, flirt with boys, and usually switch cars, and do it all over again. Big fun!
We had several dances a year, and that was my favorite thing in the whole world. I LOVED to dance! Saturday Night Fever was the big movie, and Disco was king! I literally could dance all night. Of course, I couldn’t, because the dances ended at midnight, but I felt like I could!
We’d also go to the Drive-In on the weekends. This never had anything to do with actually seeing a movie, because we’d sit out on our cars in groups and talk, eat snack bar foods and gossip. Sometimes kids would sneak in the trunks of each other’s cars to keep from paying!
I had a boyfriend in high school, Stan, and he was good to me. Though we broke up later, we still remain friends. We double dated a lot with my best friend Suzan and her boyfriend. On a special night we’d load up and drive to Texarkana, see a movie and eat at Wendy’s. Fun, fun!
I worked part time. I worked for two years at a pharmacy. Great job though I hated my boss. And my senior year I wrapped presents at the jewelry store on Main Street. That was my favorite job, because I could see what everybody was getting for Christmas!…
I was a busy girl in high school. I was in band, was a majorette, was in the National Honor Society, and was active in my church youth group. I even sang with an ensemble from church called Inspiration. I was on the homecoming court my Junior year, and was Homecoming Queen my Senior year. That was an overwhelming honor, and one I’ll never forget.
I loved High School. I have the greatest memories of the people I went to school with. I’m still best friends with Suzan, and we still giggle about some of the stuff we did back then. All those memories weave together with later ones, and are a part of the fabric of my life and of who I became. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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