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243  Comments - Spring Card for NSD 2011 Project Hop

How cute is this!

Great card!! so cute!

This is beautiful! Love the glitter!

Love the color theme!

Beautiful hybrid!

I love your card! It's so spring-y!

Love how you took the digital elements and printed they out to make a totally handmade card. Wow! Fun! TFS!

Such a cute card!

Very cute.

it's simple yet you added the glossy accents and it brought to a whole other level. this card is buzz worthy!

I don't know that I have ever seen a digi card before. Love how you did it and how it turned out. Very sweet.

What a cheery card! From the photo I cant tell what was done digitally and what wasn't. Just great!

Love the bees. Also the way you reduced the paper to maintain the lovely edge.

What did you use to make the flowers? Or are they part of the paper?

I LOVE this card! I have some bee embellishments that I wanted to use up so now you have given me a great idea. :)

How happy is that card?! So cute!

How blessed someone would be to receive a cheery card like yours! Nicely done.

cute card and love the dimension in the bees!

Love the stickles or sparkle around the edge of the card. I may have to try that sometime.

I love how you took digital elements and used them in a non-digital way. This is a very cute card. Thanks for the fun "hop".

Wishing you a wonderful day too :)
Thanks for sharing! :)

cute card - love the bees!! Who wouldn't smile if they opened this?

Such a cute card!


Wow just by looking at it I wouldn`t imagine the elements to be digital, it`s really cute!

sweet card...thanks for the chance to win.

Those bees are just too cute!

great card, double great that it uses digital.

Great card

I love your card, so super cute, I love those Bees. Thanks for sharing

love those bees! still not doing the digi yet, though

very cute card. love the bee


cute cute card

such a sweet Springy card!

Very cute

Cute bees! I love this card!

Pretty pretty

I love the sparkle on the edges.

Adorable!! I love how this is a clean looking card! I think the stamp that you used is perfect because the font is clean and simple!

I'm a card maker, so I really like this.

Those bees are so adorable! Great card!

I never considered making a digital-type card. It's funny how sometimes such obvious choices never pop into our heads until we see someone else do it!

I don't think to use my glossy accents enough. This is a cute card and I love the shine and sparkle.

Cute card. Thanks for sharing.

Super cute!

What a fun card. I never really thought of using the digi elements for card making before. I will have to try it! Thanks for sharing.

I know this card is more lbingie fied in person, but I can add the glimmer in my imagination!

sooooo sweet!!

Always love new card ideas! Thank you.

What a precious card! Love the little pink flowers!

What an endearing card. I love it.

I just LOVE everything about this card!

Absolutely adorable.

That card is so cute!!

This is such a happy little card with the bees and colors together!

Love the bees! happy NSD!

Wonderful card, love the glitter & the bee are too cute! thanks for sharing & thank you for a chance to win.

we are bee keepers... so I love bees!

super cute card! love your explanation of how to use digital scrapbooking products for cardmaking!

Cute bees!

Cute! Love the bees and the glitter!

What an awesome card! I love digi-scrapping, I haven't tried a card before. You did a great job!

fun project. tfs

What a lovely card! Thank you! :)

Simple but sweet card! Makes great for a mother's day card. TFS! Happy NSD!

Such a cute card!!

Cute card! I love the bees & glitter!

Thanks for the how to for the card. Inspired to try my hand with a digi kit. Happy NSD!

Adorable! Happy NSD!

Love the bees and glitter - very girly card. TFS

I love the glitter.

A card!! With sparkles!! Love it!

Love those bees.

I enjoyed your card and this hop! Thanks and Happy NSD!

Love the dimension you gave the bees!

Cute card and love the glossy accents!

love the sparkles!!

This makes my heart melt! Adorable!

So sweet! Thanks for throwing a card in there:)

Very cute!

Pink and absolute favorite! This is super, stinking cute!

Wonderful card!!! I need to expand my horizons, lol...TFS!!!

very pretty card! love the stickled edge

Love the cute little bees!! Great project! Thanks for the chance to win!


Love the ideas you shared. Thanks!

great explanation of how to make a digital/hybrid card. very cool

This is such a neat hybrid project. Thanks for sharing.

What a nice card! Everything is in the details! I love it :)

Great card. I am new to the glossy accent and that gives me some ideas. I love the little dimensional bees!

So Adorable!! Thanks for sharing!

How cute!

So cute! Love the touch of Glossy accents on the bees

Simple and cute!

Love the glitter, of course.

Wishing you a wonderful NSD! Sweet card!

This is the hybrid card!

Lovin' the glitter, great card!

I really love the glitter border! This is too cute!

I love love love this card! Given me such inspiration :) super cute too.

great card - thanks for the ideas........

Love it! I love doing hybrid projects.

This is a really cute card. I love the glittery border. Definately will try that on my next card.

What an adorable card. I love bees (on paper, not in real life!). And I love the glossy accents with glitter. I have these, I just need to use them.

Simple yet happy! Very cute.

ok... so is this what a hybrid looks like? i have never done anything digital - i like to "get my hands dirty" (yes they're currently stained from inking yesterday! :) )... anyway i love this. you have my wheels turning! (plus i lean towards cards.. ) love the glossy accents and glitter touches too!

laura! your cards are simply gorgeous. you are so creative and do amazing things. i need to come and live with you for a while so that you can teach me all of your secrets!! thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work. rocco's elements are soooo cute!!

I'm not usually a big fan of green, but it really works with this. And the glittery touches here and there just makes it pop. Very nice. TFS!

Beautiful the bees!

Wow this is SO CUTE , love it!

Super cute card

Sweet card! The bees look great! TFS!

Thanks for the digi-tips!

Cute card. I love the raised bees floating on top of the card. Thanks for sharing.

Cute, especially the edge glitter.

Very cute! I love hybrid projects!

Love that card - especially the glossy bees!

Very Cute and light!!!!

I LOVEEEE the glitter around the outside!!!!

Really cute. I've never even thought to use digital elements to make cards...why, why haven't I thought of that? Love it.

Cute card!

I love the little butterflies and glitter too cute

OMG!!!! I am speechless I am going to make this card today itself !!!!

Cute card. I love the dimension on the bees.

That is a great card!

Cute mix of digi and traditional!

i need to make more cards..

The bees are so cute and look so much cuter with the glossy accents.

The bees are too cute, perfect!

all the elements are so creative...and detailed. What a great way to make it special. TFS

Glossy accents really help give some extra "pop"!

i love the bees. you really mde them stand out.

What a fun happy card! I love it!

Love the glossy accents especially!

I'd never thought about using digi kits to make cards. Cute, cut, cute. Love the addition of chunky glitter around the edge. TFS

The little bees just are too adorable!

So cute! Love the sparkly frame and the color combination of green and pink.

Nice crystal effect....simple yet beautiful card!

I too have never given thought to using digital elements to make cards. Why not? Thanks for the new insight!

I love that you resized a 12x12 to 4x4. Gonna try that next! Love the card.

What a great card, the bees totally look 3-D!

My 2 favorite colors! Green & Pink! Great job!

Love the sparkle in the card. What a great inspiration for a springy card!

Never even thought of digi for cards

i love what you did with the edges! and the bees are perfect. :D

I love the bees.

This is so cute!

Such a cute card, I love that sweet little bee!!

What a cute card! Love it!

Great card!! I love the bees!

i LOVE the glittery bees!!!

great hybrid!

This is SO cute!


so cute, love the glittery flock around the edges.

Ok, I can't resist the bees. So cute.

I have a lot to learn with digital! this is so cute!

Love the bee. Great digi card. Thanks for sharing.

Great idea. Beautiful Card

cute :)

aw, this is adorable! Love it!!

Love the bumblebees - really cute!

What a great idea to use a digi kit for a card!

Such a super sweet card - this would brighten anyone's day!

beeatiful bees........thanks

Thank you for the tutorial about how to make a digi card and print it. I've never tried to make digi cards, but I was thinking about it. Now, I feel like I could do it! Thanks again. Into my bookmarks.

Very cute card ..the bees seem to be flying off of it

Cute card - Love the green. I don't do digi at all, but I love your card.

Laura, you always make such pretty cards.....

Bee-autiful!! Love it.

I love Glossy accents - I may use it a Bit TOO much !!!

so adorable! I'm really loving bees lately =)

the bees are so cute!

Such a cute card! I never think of using digi supplies for my cards!

so, so cute. TFS!

Super cute bees! Adorable!

so cute!

Super cute card :)

I have never tried digital cards. I really like the look of this though.

What a yummy card - the bees are so cute!

Such a cute card. Bees are so cute on paper (I'm allergic!) TFS :)

Super cute - love the glittery edges :)

Very cute card! TFS!

I don't do digital scrapbooking but
I do make cards - lots of them and this one
is so cute. Love the colors.

Love the clear glittery edges. So cute!

I like the technique you used for the bees

I love bugs, lady bugs, and bees. CUTE!

Great use of digital and other mediums!

What a fun card! Love the glossy accents and glitter.

Love the glittery edge!

I always make my cards with paper, now I will try digital. Thanks for the idea.

What a cute card!! I'm going to have to see if I have some stuff that I could recreate this! I love it.

i love cards almost as much as making layouts.

I love making cards, but I've never tried adding digital elements! This card is so cute, I think I'll have to give it a try soon!

Cute card. Love the glittery border and the bumblebees!

Very cute. I like the glitter and the dimensionals under the bees.

Adorable card Laura! Love the touch of glitter!

Very pretty card. Love the glossy accents and glittery edge.

Very creative idea to do a glossy accents and glitter border....I may to borrow that idea. :)

Card making is my new favorite thing. Your card is so very cute! Thanks for sharing.

Wow! It definitely does work mount the bees over the original bees. Love the glitter edging. This is a gorgeous card!!

So cute, and I love the Glossy Accents around the edges. TFS.

Great use of your digital supplies

Love it! Great use of a digital kit. :D

Sweet card!

Such pretty colors!! So cute!

SUPER CUTE!!!! thanks for sharing

That's darling! I've been starting to play more with digital thanks to Jessica Sprague, but haven't tried it for cards. Great idea.

thanks for card share! can never have enough card ideas!

Fun card. Happy NSD!

so pretty and so simple!

How fun! Nice card.

It's absolutely DARLING, Laura!

I never in a million years would have known that was digi! WOW!

What an absolutely adorable card! Love it!

bee-utiful !!!!

This is beautiful! Loving the glitter border.

Oh so lovely Laura! Love the bits of pink and glitter!

What a beautiful, uncluttered, and eye catching card. I love the colors and the glitter!

nice !

Love the bits of pink and all the glitter and gloss detailing on this.

oh Laure, you never stop to amaze me with your cards, they are somehow simple but always wonderful. Love the glitter and the glossy!


Very cute

This is the sweetest card, Laura. Awesomeness.

Gorgeous! Love the glitter!

super sweet Laura! :)

Cool technique. I would never have thought to do a card digitally! I love the distressed and glittered edges and those adorable bees!

Great card idea.

happy NSD!! have a great weekend.

I love the little popped up bees on this! Way cute.

So cute!

Pretty card - that makes me want to go make cards :)

I'm really into edging things with glitter right now, so I love this!!

Ah! That is SO cute!

super cute!!!

What a fun card - I love the glossy accents on the pretty! :o)

Lovely card.

Very cute. I love the glossy accents on the bees. Really adds dimension.

Cute! I am always afraid to have items like that on a card in that they will get knocked off in the mail. :)

What a cute card! Love the bees!

such a cute card

way too cute

so cute!

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