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Project - A Line of Leslies

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Great color combination with the black and white photos!

Project - A Line of Leslies
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Project - A Line of Leslies
by janedee
posted 09/11/09 at 01:08 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week's Flashback Friday challenge was to scrap the origin of your name. I switched it up a bit and scrapped about a name that's been in my husband's family for over a hundred years.

Journaling reads: Ever since Matilda Leslie married John Jones Davies in 1901 one child, in almost every family descended from her, has had either the first or middle name of Leslie. Who would have thought such a tradition would still be carried on four generations later. Within our own family, our oldest daughter is Elaine Leslie, her father is Leslie Alan and her grandfather (Matilda's son) was James Leslie.

Digital supplies: Designer Digitals - K. Pertiet Stacked Photo Clusters 2-2, K. Pertiet Ledger Grids 3; ACOT - Lena Brandenburg Blue Orange Paper
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