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Project - My Scrap Studio - Before & After



My DH is doing fine now, thank you so much for asking. He was burned and spent 3 weeks in a Burn Center but is recovering now and will have a full recovery in a fairly short time (within 2 years they say) so we are blessed.


What a beautiful room. Please tell us that your
DH is ok. My heart dropped when you said that he was seriously injured. He did a wonderful job and must love you very much to do this for you.

What brand of hanging files did you use in the tops of your creative cubes?

What a difference! Good for you - your space looks so wonderful now! How fun! And I thought I had a lot of supplies.... <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Your husband did a fantastic job of turning the garage into a studio and you have cleaned and organized it very well.

(Joni, those are her MM paints...)

Wowza, girl! You have a lot of stuff! Have fun in your space!

Project - My Scrap Studio - Before & After
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Project - My Scrap Studio - Before & After
by ascrappersdream
posted 01/17/05 at 11:09 PM
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There are a ton of pictures here, but I wanted to share my beautiful room with everyone. My DH worked very hard to convert half of his garage into a studio for me. It was finished over a year and a half ago but I didn't fully appreciate it until last month when he was seriously injured. So…I worked hard over the last 2 weeks and completely cleaned and organized my scrap studio. My favorite storage/organized ideas are the last few pictures. I bought the acrylic stand that holds my MM Paints at a “going out of business sale” I love the way it looks on the wooden cube unit that I also bought there along with the 2 EK Success Paper Racks. I also love my wire cube set-up. I have it set up so the top sections hold my hanging files and the bottom sections are like little storage drawers with $1.47 baskets from Wal-Mart. A great feature for me is the pegboard on my desk. I still want to do some painting in here but I LOVE MY SCRAP STUDIO!

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