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Project - My job at HQ TACOPS (version 2 - w/journaling)


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Oh, I love how you did the photos on this one. The matrix BG is so cool, too! Great way to write this up!

Project - My job at HQ TACOPS (version 2 - w/journaling)
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Project - My job at HQ TACOPS (version 2 - w/journaling)
by BuckeyeSandy
posted 02/26/06 at 05:41 PM
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Used PSE2, Dreamy Suite, imagines include “New Matrices” and “New Radiomasts” By Art. Lebedev, as well as other images from the internet. Title Text Font is OCR-A
Journaling - (font is Architect)
The first time I ever felt “enslaved” by technology was when working at Headquarters Tactical Air Command Operations Staff (Hq TACOPS). I started out as a raw, “yes, I did UNITREP in PACAF and had portions of my training program adopted Command-Wide,” NCO with a little knowledge.

That was a dangerous thing, since I very quickly realized that there was a lot I did not know, and that old SAC-TAC rivalry was alive and well in my own career field.

My Trainer (for the most part) and Supervisor was Dee (Diane) Perasso; an awesome lady and role model. Looking back, I don’t fully know how she did “EVERYTHING” both professionally with her military career, and as a mother and wife. I know that at times I felt that her husband under-appreciated all that his wife was. I do know that at times she sacrificed her own career to allow her husband to make it to the top ranks in his (he was a crew-chief on F-15 aircraft).

It is not an overerstatement that I made many times AFTER I served with her; Dee has forgotten more than I can ever remember; when others were calling me {“me?”} an expert.

My little “corners” of the world included doing UNIREP for a bulk of the TAC units, including “Staff Assistance” visits to help them with their programs as well as augmenting the Standardization and Evaluation (Stan-Eval) and Inspector General (IG) Teams.

I assisted in developing and writing software to format the reports and submit them for processing by the units, and became TAC’s guru on JADREP, by default because no one else wanted it.

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