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Project - * Why I Quit Scrapbooking * HMITM#110



nice to see you scrapping Hillary! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/love.gif'>

what a great story! so cool that you scrapped it!
and glad that you are back!

Love the LO &amp; honest feelings on paper.

Just wish I would've scrolled down to see that you actually typed out what is on the LO, b/c my eyes got cross-eyed trying to read all that tiny print. When I got done, I noticed that you were nice enough to type it all out so we can all read it! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/tongue.gif'> DUH! What was I thinking??? <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/confused.gif'>

It's great that you now have a big scrap room, that you have made your way back, and that you shared your story. Nice layout.

he-he - Glad you are BACK! Cute layout with those little squares.

this is wonderful and i can so relate to your questions even tho i'm not a celeb. so where ddi you land in the wonderful state of florida??? awesome lo and wonderful journaling..

Project - * Why I Quit Scrapbooking * HMITM#110
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Project - * Why I Quit Scrapbooking * HMITM#110
by MamaKoala
posted 07/10/09 at 05:38 PM
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This is for the HMITM Challenge #110. I've never done one of these challenges before–thank you!


Journaling Reads <br>
Early last year, I stopped scrapbooking. I had a few reasons: I was tired of working in a tiny space in my NYC apartment, I was burned out from creating layouts for my book Scrap Simple (too many layouts in too little time will do that to even the most ardent scrapbooker), I felt I was becoming too focused on the final product, and forgetting the process. I felt like I was overwhelmed with product,embellishments, paper: I was becoming a scrapbook consumer and not really a scrapbooker. And finally, I felt like it wasn't really that important anymore. I felt like, maybe there are better things to spend my time on. So I quit. I sold my stuff (well, most of it) and dabbled in digital design, took up knitting(you should SEE my yarn collection), began running again, read tons of great novels.<br><br>

And then, a month ago, we moved to Florida. Big changes. I got the urge to paper scrap again (interestingly, this coincided with moving into a house with an EXTRA ROOM that hubby suggested I use for crafts…) So i got my own scrap room. And I got more time (something about Florida seems to make the days stretch longer than in Manhattan. Odd, but true.) And I started to paper scrap again. I bought a few kits, a few alphas,some cardstock. And it was like coming home. The feel of the paper as I push it around my layout. Choosing just the right photos to convey the story. Fussing over the embellishments. I forgot how relaxing scrapbooking can be when you're not overly concerned with the final prodcut. <br><br>That said, having a spacious scrap room really does help ;)

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