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Project - Starter Trip



Fabulous layout!

Lovely story to scrap and share. You did a great job with the sketch.

What a great story to scrap! These papers are perfect -- beautiful!

Project - Starter Trip
About this project

Project - Starter Trip
by j.leija
posted 01/28/13 at 07:51 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I used a sketch for this page about my first trip abroad. I absolutely love it! And I think it's because I finally utilized some of my SC Abroad products. Loved this line that I've been hoarding for forever. So glad they're on my page and now in my scrapbook.

While I could have written about my trip and explained why we were there & who I was with. I decided to write about how it was my first experience abroad. And how it literally expanded my worldview and shaped who I am today.

Journaling Reads: Whenever people ask about the places I’ve visited, they always want to know where it started. I was blessed with an awesome travel experience when I was just 16, a wonderful adventure in France with Mama and our friend Karen. That first trip completely expanded my worldview. Quite literally! I loved the feel of the unfamiliar city, the lifestyle of the Parisians, their accents and unhurried pace. I loved exploring this city, so very different from my own. Most of all, I loved that I could be anyone I wanted in this new city, a newer and better version of myself. I still love that about traveling. It’s what keeps me discovering, more of the world and more about myself.

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