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Project - Expedit shelves with magnets and frames



brilliant - I have 12x12 frames with just random SB paper that I like hanging on the wall in the backs of the top row of cubbies on the one in my living room. I'm totally going to do framed pages like this for the one in my office/craft room!

This is WAY COOL!

OMGosh Awesome idea! I love it and totally going to do this!

Clever idea.

Fantastic Idea!! tfs

I love this! I just got my 4x4 Expedit, and since I am using it as a room divider as well, I need it to look good from both sides. (It's behind our sofa, and separates the TV area from my scrap area in the living room). Totally bookmarking this to do later!

Project - Expedit shelves with magnets and frames
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Project - Expedit shelves with magnets and frames
by lisa t
posted 07/15/06 at 02:48 PM
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I had a few people ask me for info on the expedit with the frames attached. Here are some pics and hopefully a decent explanation.

Pic 1 gives a partial view of the shelf with the frames attached. I have 5 total on the expedit. I purchased the frames at Kohls, quite some time ago. They measure 14 1/8 by 14 1/8. They are manufactured by North American Exposures.

Pics 2,3 and 4 are of the cabinet magnets. I found these at Lowes. I attached them to the top and bottom of the interior of the shelf, flush with the edge.

Pic 5 shows the metal plates that come with the magnets, attached to the back of the frame. I just aligned them with the magnets in the cabinet. They pull off very easily.

Also within each opening, I can fit 4 CH paper holders, but there is enough room to also fit in 3 extra CH paper pouches too.

I wish I could take a pic of the whole unit, but my room is a small loft area, and I can't get far enough back. When my room is clean, I will post a side view. It's a mess right now!

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