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Project - *CG 2009* P 365 week 5, tribute to everyday life



Love your daily life experiences. So interesting. So many things the same as in the States and so many things are different. I'm really enjoying your posts.<img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

Great page. I really like how you have some of the words in
different colors so they stand out.

wonderful! love the clean look

Love the LO and the journaling!! You do great at the journaling!

awesome job! I like how you highlighted the days fo the week in other colors

Great page!

Project - *CG 2009* P 365 week 5, tribute to everyday life
About this project

Project - *CG 2009* P 365 week 5, tribute to everyday life
by From Denmark
posted 02/13/09 at 04:43 PM
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This week I'm doing a tribute to everyday life. I really love doing this project, and I love that it is the ordinary things that are in focus.
In Denmark we have a famous poet (Dan Turell), who wrote a poem: “I like everday life”, where he mentions all the everyday chores and routines that he likes. This weeks P365 is inspired by this wonderful poem.

A new week, and a lot of new experiences. The first new experience is waiting already at MONDAY. One could ask, is the a connection between DS and the clean (and NEW !!) windowglass (that I happen to know costs 200 $) in the door to DSs school ? And yes, there is a connection !!!
This is a typical photo from an ordinary TUESDAY: a big pile of homework, waiting for me to do, before I go to a parent-meating at DSs basketball.
WEDNESDAY we have a homedecorator come and give ideas on how to re-decorate the livingroom and DDs room. When you see my office/scraproom/bedroom you understand why.

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