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Project - My new scrap room!



Great space,enjoy!

This is great, so simple... love your room.

Love what you have done, it looks fabulous.


Beautiful space!

great space!
Looks like the entrance to my scrap space in the basement.
My french doors are pocket doors.

I'd like to see your media room too!
We have a media room in our basement with aqua colored walls.

Project - My new scrap room!
About this project

Project - My new scrap room!
by amarissa
posted 11/13/09 at 09:24 AM
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My husband and I have been remodelling our basement….and as a part of that I finally got my own scrap space. I still need to add some things to the wall for more color, but so far I love how it has turned out!

pic 1 - looking into my room from the media room - We decided to paint my room the same color as the media room since you can see directly into it.
pic 2- Storage cabinets - stock cabinets from Menards, stock counter top from Menards. I originally was going to have the whole be storage and have a seperate table in the middle of the room, but I love having my work space right at the counter. The storage to the left of my work space is for scrapbook supplies and the storage to the right is for my stamping supplies.
pic 3 - Camera girl print by Elsie Flannigan, red bowl (antique store) holds misc embellishments, damask storage bin (Hobby Lobby) holds more embellishments
pic 4 - my work area - I decided to have a piece of glass cut for my counter top to protect the work area. The bulletin board is from HL and then I covered it with fabric.
pic 5 - right side of my work area - pens I use most often, cards that I need to send out, and my iPod dock…a must while scrapping!
pics 6-9 - Scrapbook supply drawers : most used tools, punches, embellishments (journaling supplies, extra adhesives, cutting tools, chipboard), and then brads, buttons, and flowers (jars from Ikea). I may end up moving the jars and using the drawer for storing something else.
pic 10 - scrapbook storage cabinet - alphabet embellisments in plastic drawers, letters stickers organized by color in wire basket, photos
pic 11 - Paper storage area located to right of french doors. The 12x12 holders were in a rolling cart from Target. The wheels were breaking off, so I decided just ot put them on the wire shelving. It's not my favorite way to store my paper, so I'll probably be changing it
pics 12-15 - Stamping supply drawers: stamp pads, Stampin' up stamp sets, larger SU stamp sets and acrylic stamps, and stamping tools (markers, embossing, glitter,etc)
pic 16, 17 - Stamping supply cupboard: more stamps (in plastic containers) organized by theme, envelopes, SU papers, and finished cards (pink box)
pic 18 - ribbon storage (kept in one of the upper cabinets)
pic 19 - basket with magazines/idea books - sits next to the glider rocker I used in my kids' nurseries.

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