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Project - January 5-7

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Ditto, what a great way to keep up with this!

i really love the design here!

WOW love your format for your 365 album. I like the way you direct the reader to the journalig bubbles and the colors too. Very cool to add the business card... doesn't always have to be a picture! Thanks for sharing this!

Project - January 5-7
About this project

Project - January 5-7
by LoriLeigh
posted 01/26/10 at 01:01 PM
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This is another page for my P365 album.
Journaling reads:<br>
January 5<br>
The appraisal for our Hugh Street house is scheduled for today. It is the last major hurdle we have before closing on the sale. We are praying that everything goes well, and that maybe this can be the last time we have to clean our house and have it looking immaculate in order to show it to perfect strangers.
January 6<br>
We are leaving for our ski trip early tomorrow morning, so today we are packing our bags and getting everything ready. As you can see, I believe in lots and lots of layers and plenty of snacks. <br>
January 7<br>
We went skiing at Wisp today. We had a bit of an adventure getting there, including a flat tire and a long wait on the side of the road, but we had a lot of fun once we finally made it. The weather was great and there was a fresh layer of powder on the slopes. We all had a very full day of fun, and the boys even skied right up until they closed down the lifts. The roads were horrible when we headed home, so we drove around trying to find a half-way decent hotel to stay at and eventually ended up in Morgantown at Leah’s apartment. Again, it was a very long day – but definitely one full of memories and good times despite it all.
Jan. 5-7 Credits:<br>
Template - Jen Allyson Design 365 January Album Template<br>
Blue paper - Jen Allyson Merry Little Christmas Paper<br>
Journaling boxes - Carina Gardner Design 365-Journaling<br>
Photo mask - Carina Gardner ESSENTIALS-Masks v.3<br>
2010 Numbers - Meredith Fenwick<br>
The Day Dreams Collection - Seaside Elements<br>
January overlay - Meredith Fenwick A Year in the Life - Hand Drawn Stamps<br>
~Lori <br>

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