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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Inspiration

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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Inspiration
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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Inspiration
by Jen Martakis
posted 02/03/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I love to browse through magazines. I can always find an ad that inspires me in my scrapbooking. Sometimes it's through color, sometimes pattern and many times design. This particular ad is one that was used in a Pub Ad Inspiration Challenge back in April of last year. It's such a cool ad that I think it deserves another go-around. ;)

I would love to see what you come up with, using this particular ad or even one of your own favorites. Show me what you create and also what ad you used.

Have fun!

Supplies used: Betsy Tuma - Lexi's Notebook and Black Out. Font - 2peas Beautiful. Jen Martakis - Subtle Shadows and  background grid paper, my own design. Photo by Susannah Waechter.

Challenge Submissions
posted by baersgarten
on 02/09/10 at 11:39 AM
Weekly digital challenge
posted by Nath_
on 02/09/10 at 09:01 AM
15 Month Well Check- Weekly Digital Challenge
posted by penguinmomma
on 02/08/10 at 08:29 PM
Favorite Things
posted by kelly mobley
on 02/08/10 at 07:56 PM
Love you...
posted by kelly mobley
on 02/08/10 at 07:53 PM
February 2010 Album Pages
posted by poohdivams
on 02/08/10 at 03:32 PM
two is too little to reach the pedals
posted by lizj
on 02/07/10 at 07:26 PM
Yellow Fender
posted by Wilna
on 02/07/10 at 07:15 PM
Hospital Visitors
posted by jeffiner_09
on 02/07/10 at 05:43 PM

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