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Challenge - Digital Challenges :Custom Drop Shadow - "Brought Together"


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Challenge - Digital Challenges :Custom Drop Shadow - "Brought Together"
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Challenge - Digital Challenges :Custom Drop Shadow - "Brought Together"
by Sande Krieger
posted 03/18/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

 Drop Shadows! Everyone has an opinion about drop shadows. Some don't like them AT ALL. Others like a very liberal shadow. So what about you? Well - here is your opportunity to express yourself! This weeks challenge is to make a layout with a custom drop shadow. 

Below I'll share how I make a custom drop shadow but there are LOTS of methods so find what works best for you - and then share it with all of us! :o)

I put a drop shadow on both pieces of paper as well as on my photo using the same method.

  1. Place your photo on your layout and copy it so that you have one photo directly above the other photo. 
  2. Hold down the Control key (Command on the Mac) and click on the bottom photo layer. This will select that photo (put marching ants around it).
  3. Fill it with black. You can hit D (to restore your default colors) then hit Alt (option on the Mac) Backspace or you can go to the Edit menu and select Fill and choose foreground color.
  4. Choose your Move tool then press your arrow keys to nudge the black shape 2 spaces right and 2 spaces down.
  5. Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and select a blur of around 8-9 pixels.
  6. Go to Edit>Transform>Warp (look below for instructions using PSE since it doesn't have Warp).
  7. A grid will be placed over your black rectangle - pull the corner handles out on the corners you want to have look like they are curling off the paper a little. Hit ENTER (Return) to accept that change.
  8. Go to the opacity slider on that layer and reduce the opacity to 40-60 % depending on the amount of shadow you like to see.

For PSE users:

Follow steps 1-5.

  • 6. Go to Image>Transform>Distort and pull out the corners that you want to look like they are curling a little off the paper. 
  • Follow step #8 above.

Another filter that works well with this technique and that I use sometimes before step 6 but after step 5 is the Wave filter. You will find it under Filters>Distort>Wave on both PS & PSE. I've included a screen shot of the settings I use it on. After using this filter I go on and also do steps 7 & 8.

Products used on this layout:

  • papers: background (Paris Metro Kit); white (Basic Backgrounds Kit); yellow (Sidewalk Chalk kit)
  • labels: Note to Self v.2 (this kit was not out when I designed this layout that is why there isn't a link below. It's available in the digi shoppe now)
  • milk cap button: Button, Button Whose got the Button (this kit was not out at the time I designed this layout that is why there isn't a link below. It's available in the digi shoppe now)
  • Stitches - French Kiss Kit


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