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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Color Scheme

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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Color Scheme
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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Color Scheme
by Erica Hernandez
posted 01/21/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week's challenge is to use grey/blue/red on your digital layout. I love the cool tones of the grey and light grey-blue combined with the vibrant pop of red on this layout but feel free to use them in any tone and amount on your own version.

I rotated theis template 90 degrees adn used one of the photo blocks for the title. The spot for the initial cap was used for the date info.

The brushes are a download from Smashing Magazine and the script font is Fmiring Campotype One.

Can't wait to see your layouts!

Challenge Submissions
wii rockstar
posted by ~ArtsyAngel~
on 01/27/09 at 09:36 PM
posted by greenie365
on 01/27/09 at 08:22 PM
I Work in This Mess
posted by EmpressFrancesca
on 01/27/09 at 07:27 PM
Bonnie teVelde
posted by duchess
on 01/26/09 at 10:41 PM
Barack Obama...a new Hope
posted by debikins
on 01/26/09 at 05:11 PM
Brand New Converse
posted by busy.butterfly
on 01/26/09 at 04:50 PM
Sierra's Snow Projects
posted by poohdivams
on 01/25/09 at 10:52 PM
posted by ItisI
on 01/25/09 at 03:58 PM
Castle Play CG 2009
posted by tyme2scrap
on 01/24/09 at 11:04 PM

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