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Challenge - Digital Challenges :Using Levels or Curves - Finding Fall

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Challenge - Digital Challenges :Using Levels or Curves - Finding Fall
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Challenge - Digital Challenges :Using Levels or Curves - Finding Fall
by Sande Krieger
posted 10/30/08
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 This week's challenge is to use Curves or Levels if you have it on your software program.

I used it on the photograph my friend, Susan, took of me.

The photo was pretty washed out and I want to have it be more representative of how the leaves really looked. (check out the before and after photo - page2) I used Levels to make it more saturated and bright.

Here's how I did it:

1. Opened my photo and clicked on the Adjustment Layers Icon at the bottom of the Layers Palette and chose Levels. (see page 3)

2. A dialog box will pop up (page 4) with a histogram on it. Move the left slider on the histogram towards the middle (to the right) to darken up your photo and make the colors look more saturated.  See the different between the photos on page 5 & 6. The left slider controls the shadows in your photo and the right slider controls the highlights. The middle slider controls the midtones.  Just play around with both sliders until you achieve the affect you like.

3. Masking. If you don't like what Levels did to something in your photo, you can mask it afterwards. Levels automatically sets up a mask on it's layer. If you double click on that mask, it will make it active. Then select your brush tool, select a soft round brush and set your opacity to around 20 or 30%. (see page 7) I brushed away the Levels affect on my face because it was looking a little to dark and saturated. Your mask will appear black where you have painted on it. (see page 8).

You can also use Levels or Curves to enhance patterned paper or embellishments!

I'm excited to see how you use these two commands!

Products Used:

• DigiKit - Basic Backgrounds  - background paper
• FONT - Old Type - again






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