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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Tint a B/W Photo • astonishing complexity

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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Tint a B/W Photo • astonishing complexity
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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Tint a B/W Photo • astonishing complexity
by Erica Hernandez
posted 08/27/08
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OK, for this week's challenge *I* cheated a bit. Rather than tinting a black and white photo, I created a duplicate photo, turned it black and white and then lowered the opacity of it over the top of the color version. I wanted to retain just a bit of the color. Then I flattened the two layers and added a sepia toned overlay. The second image shows the photo before I did any recoloring.

I read this sentence in a book a couple of weeks ago and it just made me smile. I had to write it down right away because it's so true for me. I can't get enough of the sounds that kids (especially newborns) make when they sleep...the coos, sighs, grunts and deep in- and exhalations. Maybe I'm weird but for all 3 of my kids, when I'm holding them or laying next to them when they sleep, I can't help but to lean in close and breathe in their breath and scent...ahhhhh, I hope I never forget the sensation!

The creased photo overlay and background paper (that I layered the parachute paper over) will be released in a kit called retro:ACTIVE embellishments and the individual letters will be in an alpha kit called Itty Bitty Alphabet. Both will be released on the 2nd.

Challenge Submissions
Grandma's family *Tint Challenge*
posted by LoriLeigh
on 09/02/08 at 07:45 PM
posted by RobbyKay
on 09/02/08 at 07:19 PM
Blue Hydrangeas *Digital Tint Challenge
posted by stefdesign
on 09/01/08 at 04:30 PM
A Mother's Love
posted by liza t
on 09/01/08 at 01:24 PM
sweet dreams, baby
posted by lizj
on 09/01/08 at 12:16 AM
Drew & Elephant Seas - digital color challenge
posted by duchess
on 08/31/08 at 07:54 PM

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