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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Journaling using a slogan


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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Journaling using a slogan
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Challenge - Digital Challenges : Journaling using a slogan
by Sande Krieger
posted 04/27/07
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I have found advertising slogans to be great journaling starters. I even have this Nike slogan, "Just Do It" spelled out in vintage letters on the walls above my desk, because I am the worlds worst procrastinator. I have big lists of things I need to do, want to do and don't want to do but know I should and this slogan reminds me each day to get off my butt and JUST DO IT!!!

So my challenge to you this week is to choose a slogan and use it as a journaling prompt. If you can't think of any slogans, just do a web search by typing in the word "slogans." Here are a few to get you started:

  • I'm Lovin' It - McDonalds
  • Life comes at you fast - Nationwide Insurance
  • It's all inside - JC Penneys
  • Like no Other - Sony
  • Because You're Worth It - L'Oreal
  • Think Different - Apple
  • Love to Play - Nick Jr
  • Where do you want to go today? Microsoft

    **a couple of the digital elements used on this layout are from kits that will be available on May 1st, they are: Borderlines 4 - Art class (painted page & frame borders as well as the painted lines under title) & Graphic Advice (Invent yourself striped circle embellishment at the bottom of the page).

    1. Start a new 8.5 x 11 inch document. Open your photo and size it accordingly.

    2. Open four 8.5 x 11 inch borders from the Borderlines 4 kit and copy and paste (or drag) them onto your layout. Use the free transform tool to make them fit inside one another. Use the grouping command (PSE) or a clipping mask (PS) to recolor them. ***If you're not familiar with these commands check out the tutorials on them in the digital section of 2 Peas.

    3. Add a border around your photo and recolor it.

    4. Add your journaling beside the photo.

    5. Add your title. I chose an outline title so I could do a paint treatment underneath. To do this, I opened a new layer under my title layer and used a wet media brush (like a water color brush) to paint inside the outline of the title.

    6. Open two watercolor lines from the Borderlines 4 kit and copy and paste them below your title. Use free transform to rotate them so they are horizontal. Recolor them using the grouping command or a clipping mask. Use a mask or eraser to erase the excess that goes past the bottom of your title.

    7. Add your subtitles.

    8. Add some flowers from the Funky Flowers rubon kit.

    9. Add the Invent yourself rubon from the Graphic Advice kit.

    10. Add date stickers from the Date Sticker kit and stitch them down with a stitch from the Spools of Stitches kit. Erase the excess.

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