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Challenge - Challenge *** Scrap a Childhood Memory***


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Challenge - Challenge *** Scrap a Childhood Memory***
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Challenge - Challenge *** Scrap a Childhood Memory***
by Sande Krieger
posted 12/22/06
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Instead of doing a technique based challenge over the holidays, I’m going to encourage you to scrap a childhood memory. It can be a holiday memory or any other memory. Lately my kids have been very interested in what it was like for me as a kid during Christmas. I’ve told them this story about the rabbit food a couple of times, but I’ve never written it down anywhere. I challenge you over the holidays, to take a moment and scrap one of your favorite or least favorite moments as a child.

I used Photoshop CS2 to create this layout.

1. Open a new 8.5 x 11 document.

2. Open the black floral, blue diamond & red stripe paper from the 2 Peas Amore Kit.

3. Drag (or copy and paste) the black floral paper onto approximately ½ of your layout.

4. Drag (or copy and paste) the blue diamond paper on the left side of your layout.

5. On a new layer use the marquee tool to drag out a long skinny rectangle where the seams of the blue diamond and black floral paper meet. Fill it with your background color.

6. Drag (or copy and paste) the red stripe paper on the layer above that filled rectangle. Use a clipping mask (Control G if you have PS) or group (Control G if you have PSE) to attached the paper to the rectangle. **To learn more about clipping masks and grouping, look in the digital tutorial section of 2 peas for tutorials in both PS and PSE.

7. Drag on (or copy and paste) stitches from the 2 Peas Joined at the Hip to go down both sides of the red striped line.

8. Place your photo to the left of the striped line and use the stroke command to give it a black border.

9. Use a tab from the 2 Peas All Seasons Tabs to make your title and place it above your photo.

10. For the background for my journaling, I used a paper that I had made that isn’t in a kit but you could use your color eyedropper to copy the background color in the black floral paper, draw out a rectangle and fill it with that color.

11. I made the flower to the right of the photo using a custom shape which I filled with the red diamond paper (you can find a similar paper in the August free kit 2 Peas World Traveler). I added a tag from the 2 Peas Kraft Labels and a brush from the 2 Peas A Cold Winters Night.

Challenge Submissions
Me and Ernie
posted by jennypenny82002
on 12/29/06 at 08:11 PM
Le Gros Horloge à Rouen
posted by prolix
on 12/29/06 at 11:40 AM
*Hollywood smile*
posted by Kim T
on 12/26/06 at 08:21 PM
Merry Christmas To You All
posted by campinbuff
on 12/23/06 at 09:08 AM
Case of the Missing Flowers
posted by sroller
on 12/22/06 at 08:03 PM

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