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Challenge - Digital Challenge - Paris Metro

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Challenge - Digital Challenge - Paris Metro
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Challenge - Digital Challenge - Paris Metro
by Sande Krieger
posted 08/04/06
Galleries: Scrapbooking

***CHALLENGE*** Use Brushes & Masks (PS) or Erasers (PSE) as a design element in your layouts ***

I created this layout in PSCS2. On each photo I used a mask and decorative brushes to make parts of my photos translucent so that the background would show through. If you are working in PSE you can achieve the same effect with the eraser tool, it’s just a little more permanent so look after every few brush strokes to make sure you like the effect. If not you can still UNDO it.

***If you have PS and are not familiar with masks, I've given some tips at the bottom on how to get started.***

Layout Information: The background (typed document, stamp & circular Paris stamp) are a letter I bought at a flea market in Paris.

  • I placed a mask on each photo layer and then used some of Rhonna’s floral & spiral brushes as well as some from a vintage letter to erase away part of each photo. I like using masks rather than the eraser tool because if I don’t like the effect I can easily reverse it. If you are using PSE you can use the eraser tool to achieve the same effect.

  • The large M is made with the Century font. I put a brown stroke around it then layered Rhonna’s Computation paper from her Split Pea kit on top and grouped them together. I also added another layer on top of that and used a brush from Rhonna’s Funky Floral kit to add a design to the Computation paper. I grouped this with the rest of the “M” layers so that it only shows up on the "M".

  • I added the Lined Flower Overlay from Rhonna’s Sheer Delight kit and masked out the areas over the photos so that the photos wouldn’t have the lines or flowers going through them.

  • I added two monogram M’s from the 2 peas Icing on the Top kit, stamped them in brown and green, on separate layers and staggered them just a bit.

  • Last I added some journaling and some Tattoo Art (upper left corner.)

    **Masking** This is just a short demo to get you started on masking. We’ll have a tutorial in the future that goes into more detail.

    1. Drag a picture onto your layout. Down at the bottom of the layers palette click on the icon that looks like grey rectangle with a circle in the middle. See Figure 2.

    2. This will place a mask on your photo layer. See Figure 3. Your mask will be all white because it hasn’t been painted on yet. The RULE TO REMEMBER is “Black conceals and White reveals.” If you want to hide part of your photo you will paint with black. If you don’t like how that looks, paint back over it with white and your photo will reappear.

    3. Select the brush tool. Select a brush that you want to use. I used some of Rhonna’s 2 peas Painted Sassy Brushes. Make sure your foreground color is set to black. Figure 4. Start painting. You will see that where you touch your brush your photograph will start to disappear. If you don’t like the affect, simply change your foreground color to white and paint your photograph back in. **Make sure you are on the mask though. If you start painting color onto your photo, then you have the photo selected and not the mask.***

    4. Now go have some FUN!!!

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