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Challenge - Digital Challenges :Make your own background paper using brushes


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Beautiful layout! I live in central Alaska and don't run into many people from "outside" who've been to the Yukon. It's an impressive river!

Challenge - Digital Challenges :Make your own background paper using brushes
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Challenge - Digital Challenges :Make your own background paper using brushes
by Sande Krieger
posted 12/10/99
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 Making your own background paper with brushes is so easy. You can make a really simple pattern using dots or swirls or you can make a really complex pattern.

You can use distress brushes to add texture and shading or to take away some of your design by using a mask if you have PS or us a distress brush with your Eraser tool if you're using another program like PSE.

I chose to make a distressed vintage background paper. Here is how I did it using a variety of brush kits and masks. If you don't use Photoshop you can achieve the same effect as a mask by using the eraser tool.

1. I started with a white background and stamped my brushes in blue on individual layers so I could move them around.

2. When I got all my brushes (I used Roughed up Tool kit #2, European Vacation #2, DisStressed Out & Borderlines 6 Brush kits) where I wanted them, I selected all the layers, except the background layer and merged them together.

3.Then I played around with colors. By opening a new layer above my brushes layer and grouping the two together with a clipping mask (in PSE it's called Group With Previous and is under the Layers Menu) then I could fill that new layer with various colors to see what I liked. I also changed the background color until I came up with this blue paper and brown brushes combo which matched the photo I was going to use.

4. I added a layer above the background layer and stamped in in a darker blue with the Dis-STRESSED Out brush kit. 

5. I put a mask on my brushes layer and used brushes from the Roughed up Tool Kit v.1 to hide (like erasing) some of that layer.

6. I opened a new layer above the brushes layer and filled it with white. I put a mask on that layer and used brushes from the Dis-Stressed Out Kit to hide most of the white but leave enough to make the paper look vintage.

I'm looking forward to seeing what patterns and papers you come up with on this challenge! 


The products that I used on the layout are:

White paper - Antiquities kit

Labels - Note to Self kit

Yellow paper - Fun and Games Kit

Scalloped Border - Fanciful Edges kit

Photo Edge - French Laundry Edges v.3 Fall


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posted by ShanB
on 12/03/08 at 07:30 AM
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posted by poohdivams
on 11/24/08 at 08:20 PM

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