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Challenge - Digital Challenges : door love


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Challenge - Digital Challenges : door love
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Challenge - Digital Challenges : door love
by Chelsea Parsons
posted 06/15/07
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I have a love affair with this door and literally take photos by it every week so its become an "event" for me. And the big event will be when I have to move across the world in 6 months and leave it behind!

So my challenge to you is to do a layout on something that has become a regular in your life that you feel like you can't do without! Little, big,cuddly, whatever....I'd love to see it...


1. I started with a piece of cream coloured Parisian Paper and stretched it out so I just used the plain section of the paper, then added my black and white photo.

2. Next came my favourite part, adding an overlay to the page! The overlay was a photo I took while living in Mexico of a cool red door and yellow wall. I simply dragged this photo on top of my page and then selected the blending mode of overlay and played with the levels until I liked it. A little erasing here and there also. I love the way it added a great effect to the Parisian Paper.

3. Next came all the little fun stuff. Rhonna's Parisian Labels make me so happy. I love to use bits of them! The blue border running down the photo is part of the "amazing" tag ... and the text box used to have a lovely Parisian word in it but I erased it out. Some journalling in the box and my girls names added vertically and the opacity altered and there ya have it!

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