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Challenge - Good Deeds - Helping Out Santa

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Just stumbled by this layout today, and I can't believe nobody left you a comment. This is an AMAZING layout!!! bookmarking for sure.

Challenge - Good Deeds - Helping Out Santa
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Challenge - Good Deeds - Helping Out Santa
by Sande Krieger
posted 12/15/06
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If you're digital scrapper I challenge you to use a new tool this week...I have a suggestion below. If you're a paper scrapper, I challenge you to use a product that you've never used before. And if you use a computer, I challenge you to try printing out a digital element and using it on your page.

My youngest son, McKean is a giver. He’s always the first one to every service project and eager to help out. Our church did a little Sub for Santa this month where the youth got to make wooden blocks for a preschool and also help wrap a bunch of presents for some kids in need. Mick and his friend Jake went straight to the girl’s pile of toys and started wrapping up the Barbies & My Little Pony games. I’m glad they enjoy these kinds of service oriented activities and I hope they do it for the rest of their lives. (They are goofy boys so they got goofy hats :)

I used two new kits that were released today (December 15th) that won't show up on the list below: Amore and Cold Winter's Night Brush Kit. You can find them in the digital kit section of 2 Peas.

To make this layout I used Photoshop CS2. I used clipping masks for quite a few things. There is a tutorial in the digital section on clipping masks (for PS) or grouping (for PSE). If you haven’t tried clipping masks or grouping (and have PS or PSE) I challenge you to go look up those tutorials and try it out. It’s a blast!

1. Open a new 8.5 x 11 inch landscape document.

2. Using the move tool (V) (or copy and paste) pull on a piece of Kraft paper from the 2 Peas Krafty Boy kit. The plain piece of Kraft paper is in the alphabet folder.

3. Using the move tool (V) (or copy and paste) pull on a border from the 2 Peas Borderlines kit.

4. Start a new layer above the borderline by pressing the new layer icon or going to Layer>New. Using your marquee tool (M) draw out a rectangle that is about 1/8th to ¼ of an inch in from the borderline and fill it with black.

5. Start another new layer. Using your marquee tool (M) again, draw out another rectangle that is about 1/8th to ¼ of an inch inside the black rectangle. Fill it with white. Make sure the black and white rectangles are each on their own layers.

6. Make sure you are on the layer with the white rectangle, then open the 2 Peas Amore kit and open the red floral & black script on red papers. Using the move tool (V) (or copying and pasting) drag the red floral paper onto your layout document covering about half of the white triangle. Using a clipping mask (Control G for the PC and Command G for the Mac) group the paper onto the lower half of the white rectangle. Repeat this step with the red & black script paper on the upper half of the rectangle.

7. Add the red diamond ribbon from the 2 Peas Amore kit by either using the move tool to pull it on or copying and pasting. Place it on the seam of the 2 papers.

8. Start a new layer by clicking on the New Layer Icon or going to Layer>New. Using the marquee tool (M) draw out a long skinny rectangle above the red diamond ribbon that goes all the way across the page and is approx. ¼ inch tall. Fill it with black.

9. Open the blue lined paper from the 2 Peas Amore kit and using the move tool (V) (or Copying and Pasting) drag it onto your layout above the black rectangle you just made. Using a clipping mask (Control G) group it onto the black rectangle to make a blue lined ribbon.

10. Add your photo, a tab from the 2 Peas All Season’s Tabs and some staples from the 2 Peas Stuck on You kit. I used free transform to make my staples criss cross.

11. I added the XOXO from the 2 Peas Amore kit and stamped the Dec 25 from the 2 Peas A Cold Winter’s Night onto a new layer.

12. The hats on the boys and the tag are done with brushes from the 2 Peas Pixie Props and A Cold Winter’s Night (celebrate hat & tag). I used the brush to stamp them on the layout in black. To get the colors and patterned papers behind them, I opened a new layer under the layer I stamped on. To do this go to the layer under where you stamped and then press the New Layer Icon at the bottom of the layers palette. You will be using a brush (with your mouse or graphics tablet) to color in the tag and hats. I did each section of the hat on a separate layer so I could use a clipping mask to group different papers onto the different parts of the hat. I also placed the backing for the tag onto a separate layer and used a clipping mask to put Kraft paper on it when I was finished.

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