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Challenge - no fools this year (scraplift challenge)

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Challenge - no fools this year (scraplift challenge)
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Challenge - no fools this year (scraplift challenge)
by Erica Hernandez
posted 06/01/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week's challenge is a scraplift challenge. Use my inspiration or choose one of your own from our amazing gallery! I went with Esther's fantastic layout but I included a few other's that caught my eye as well. I went with this inspiration piece as it worked best with the number of photos I had.

You can find the other layouts I've included here, here, and here.

Have fun! Scraplift challenges are always a treat :)






Challenge Submissions
Megaband LOs-Let me know what you think
posted by sroller
on 06/07/10 at 05:42 PM
Patience is a Virtue
posted by debikins
on 06/04/10 at 04:48 PM
lightness of being
posted by jennifer frank
on 06/03/10 at 11:39 AM
Card-Love,PP Flowers,Buttons,
posted by heyywhatssupp
on 06/02/10 at 09:45 AM
Ainsley Cottontail - Lifting Aerobigirl
posted by jeffiner_09
on 06/02/10 at 06:23 AM
So Proud of You-Digital Challenge-May 26-June 1
posted by sroller
on 06/01/10 at 05:56 PM

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