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26  Comments - Letter Sticker Leftovers

All I can say is WOW!!
What a GREAT idea! I am going to steal it and do this in my craft room. Thank you for sharing!

How did you get it so straight?? It looks so cool!!

waw... wonderful !!! I loooove it !!

I love this! I am going to mimic this somewhere in my craft loft.

So freaking awesome. Love this idea and plan to use it in my little girl's room. TFS

So freaking awesome. Love this idea and plan to use it in my little girl's room. TFS

So SO cool!!!! Love the idea, love the result!!!!

sande, you are a genius.

That is amazing Sande!!!!

I am clutching my chest with one hand while typing with the other...this is SO AMAZING!!! I'm SOO stealing this!!!

:O amazing!!!

This is so cool and creative! Love it!

OMG and WOWZERS!!! Not only do I love the poem, but it just "goes" so well with your beautiful little bathroom. A real winner idea!

Totally amazing! Such a creative idea! :-)

Wow! So awesome!

wow wow wow!! This is amazing Sande!

this is awesome!!! I LOVE it!!!

You are so clever!!

Wow! Amazing, Sande!!! You are SO creative!!

Fabulous and super creative use of leftover stickers. Wonderful work.

I didn't coat the outsides of the letters (I only have teenagers, so I didn't think about little fingers pulling them off.). I did add extra adhesive to the backs on most stickers though so that they would stick really well.

OMGoodness, this is amazing, love it.

Oh thats totally awesome!!!!

super cute idea for using your letters! love your bathroom!

I love it!! Did you put any type of coating over it? I think I'd be weary of my little ones plucking letters off.

Wow, this is crazy cool!! Love it!

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