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Challenge - Weekly Challenge: October in Review

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Love this! And no, you're not the only who associates certain techniques with certain people. I think of Sande Krieger AND Lisa McGarvey when I see the 7Gypsies labels. I think of you when I see colorful paper-piecing and punchwork (not that there's any of that on this layout).

I love the clustering of photos and patterned paper around the journaling spot (I remember Cathy Blackstone - love her work!). Can't believe you made your own notebook paper! Did a doubletake when I read that. You are a creative crafty master!

Sorry you were robbed of the winning first place. If that's the picture of your car - you definitely deserved to win! Glad you're not bitter or anything. ;)

Challenge - Weekly Challenge: October in Review
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Challenge - Weekly Challenge: October in Review
by kellicrowe
posted 11/22/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

For this month's review - I just pulled a few of my favorite moments from the month. A birthday, a trip, Halloween, meeting up with friends and when we were robbed of winning first place at the Trunk or Treat contest. Ahem.

I started by printing my photos 3x5 and then grabbed some of the items I have been recently scrapbooking with….because they were on top and I clearly like them.

I pulled everything towards the middle (ala Cathy Blackstone added some tags (which always remind me of Tara Whitney) and used my little tiny 7 Gypsies lables (which I started ordering once I saw Lisa McGarvey use them so brilliantly) for journaling bits.

Isn't it funny how you associate certain techniques of products with certain people?

Or am I the only one who does that?

I wanted some notebook paper to put this on but I didn't have any. So I just made my own. I used a ruler to draw the blue and pink lines. I used a small punch to make the holes.

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