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Challenge - Spark


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I love taking pictures of fireworks each year. We always have a big bash at our house, so I'll try out these ideas for this year's photos.

Thanks Shimelle!

Challenge - Spark
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Garden Girl

Challenge - Spark
by shimelle
posted 06/27/11
Galleries: Photography

Ready for a little spark of a photo challenge? Maybe fireworks, candles, campfires or sequins will spark your creativity this week!

If fireworks and sparklers are on your agenda this week, try shooting a long exposure then get friends and family to write with sparklers. But shooting big fireworks in a display takes a very quick exposure. If your shots are blurry, up the ISO and shoot with widest aperture possible so the fast shutter speed will pick up the light before the spark moves.

For both long exposure shots like the sparklers or quicker shots like a fireworks display, the secret is in keeping your camera as still as possible. Use a tripod or rest your camera on a flat surface. A remote is handy for fireworks too - it means you can't accidentally move the camera when you press the shutter.

Now it's your turn - what sparks will fly in front of your lens? Don't worry if it's not particularly fireworky in your neighbourhood - all interpretations of ‘spark’ are welcome! Upload your results to the photography gallery here at Two Peas and be sure to check the box for this challenge in step 4 of the upload process.

Upload your photo by next Sunday at 11:59 PM CST for a chance to be entered into a drawing to win a $5 Two Peas gift certificate. The winner will be posted on the Garden Girl blog. Good luck!
Challenge Submissions
Spark Challenge
posted by STEPHLEIGH2714
on 07/03/11 at 12:53 PM
posted by StoryAngel
on 07/01/11 at 11:12 PM
posted by chilibones
on 06/30/11 at 11:39 PM
posted by jmduckworth23
on 06/30/11 at 09:11 PM
Golden Sparks
posted by x-Lynnette-x
on 06/30/11 at 08:46 PM
Spark in the Dark
posted by Crovax
on 06/30/11 at 05:46 PM
Spark Campfire
posted by bridgetthoward
on 06/30/11 at 01:50 PM
Blooming candle!
posted by PezGirl97
on 06/30/11 at 12:33 PM
Disney July 4th
posted by cant_stop_the_beat
on 06/29/11 at 04:15 PM

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