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Challenge - Weekly Challenge: The STASH-BUSTING Layout!



wow! i'll say stash-busting. lol...

Thanks for the inspiration!

GREAT page, Jill! Love the idea of this challenge. Have been slowly gathering supplies to give this one a try. Looking forward to it -- think it will be fun!

Love your PP combo! (SO adding some of those to my next cart!). The stamping over the patterned paper looks so good -- I would never, ever think of doing that!

Whoa - you weren't messing around when you said make a dent in your stash! I love that your challenge included step by step instructions. It's like a mini class! I'll definitely be doing this. Thanks so much!

LOL, oh yes I will be doing this this weekend! The steps were darn funny as well.

Love the color scheme. I've bookmarked this to try when I finally get my arm out of this dang sling. I'm going to try pulling together the supplies this afternoon.

Challenge - Weekly Challenge: The STASH-BUSTING Layout!
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Garden Girl

Challenge - Weekly Challenge: The STASH-BUSTING Layout!
by Jill Sprott
posted 09/21/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Take a moment to look around your stash. Yes, all of it. If you notice what I notice – that is, the proportion of stuff-to-be-used to stuff-I-actually-used is out of whack – then you definitely want to join me for this week's stash-busting challenge! The goal? Make a dent in your stash while creating a layout that you love.

Let the stash-busting begin!

Step 1: Choose a piece of cardstock as the foundation. The color doesn't matter; in fact, why not use a sturdy piece of neglected patterned cardstock that you've long since fallen out of love with? You KNOW there's one (or five or ten) of those in your stash.

Step 2: Select a bunch (about 12-15 sheets) of patterned paper in a coordinating color scheme. If you're finding it difficult to match papers, choose two or three colors from the photos and match the papers to those; and then add a few neutrals, like gray or white, as buffers. Mix smaller patterns with larger ones. This is the perfect time to put your scraps to work, or to prove that no paper is pretty enough to be safe from your paper trimmer. It's on.

Step 3: Dust off a stamp (or reach for that never-opened package) and stamp an image repeatedly on one or more of the papers. Create your own pattern or enhance an existing pattern. I used a Maya Road alpha stamp and colored in family members' initials using colored pencils.

Step 4: Trim the papers in rectangles, and then overlap them across the top of the layout and the bottom. If a pattern seems too busy, place it alongside a simpler one. Vary the widths that are exposed; one paper might be 1“ in width, while another might be 2” in width. Keep it organic. No worries.

Step 5: Pull out your washi tape (I used four different types here) and add strips of varying sizes to the layout. You might add vertical strips where papers overlap, or small horizontal pieces around the borders of the page. You can even overlap the tapes themselves – translucent tapes look terrific over opaque ones. This is also a great time to put your sewing machine to use and work your way through your thread supply. Sew a few of the patterned panels here and there, playing with different stitches.

Step 6: “Funk up” the page by shaking up a bottle of mist, pulling out the nozzle, and letting it drip over the layout. I like the idea of droplets showing up here and there on a layout, bringing a subtle kind of unity to the different patterns. If you wish, you can even add paint to one or more of the patterns, or to the borders of the page. I used my trusty paint dabber to fill in circles on a sheet of Studio Calico paper.

Step 7: Create a foundation for your photo(s) by selecting yet another piece of patterned paper. You could even select more than one, if you'd like to go for more of a layered effect. Place it over the area where the top row of patterns meets the bottom row. Place your photo(s) over this. If you'd like a little height here, add some pop dots behind the paper and photos.

Step 8: Gather together accents that will help you to convey the message of your page. Aim for accents that tend to build up in your stash, such as buttons, brads, clips, and ribbons. As you're doing this, don't forget to leave room for the title and the journaling somewhere. While you're considering accents, look for areas where you can slyly tuck a few label stickers.

Step 9: Turn your attention to the chipboard letters or letter stickers in your stash that are begging to live happily ever after on one of your layouts. I added a boost to the letters on my layout by backing them with pop dots. If using actual letters makes you feel unfaithful to your die-cutting machine, however, then you can always opt to cut your title from cardstock or paper that you've been meaning to use, but never quite did. It's time.

Step 10: Add your journaling to the layout. If you're really in the mood for some stash-busting, consider using multiple labels, journaling cards, or a few sheets tucked into an envelope. Whatever approach you take to the journaling, make it matter. It'll make you love the layout even more. Promise.

So maybe this won't bust your entire stash (I know that more, um, nuclear measures would be needed for that), but it's a step in the right direction, am I right?

Aside from making a dent in your stash, there's a perk to this challenge: upload your layout by next Friday for your chance to win a $5 gift certificate to the Two Peas store! Don't forget to check the challenge checkbox during uploading. The winner will be announced on the Two Peas blog next Saturday. I can't wait to see your layouts! Good luck!
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