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Video - Kristina's Picks 6.18.10 (look at me)



a great layout as always (i like the patterned photo mat especially). and your choice in product is always right on w/ your subject and the mood you want to create.

sometimes when i'm shopping, i think it would be nice to have you along as you have such great taste. :)

thank you for the sweet words, k - you totally made my night! love this page - and the line. i can't believe how big your little dude is getting!

Video - Kristina's Picks 6.18.10 (look at me)
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Garden Girl

Video - Kristina's Picks 6.18.10 (look at me)
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 06/18/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I picked a small collection of items this week. Something simple, put together in a nice neat collection. The Spaghetti collection [] is rather child-ish collection, themed for a littler child though it could be taken apart and out of context if you wanted to. I like the bright colors all together, and the childish script and icons. They are fun and easy to relate to. I am always on the look out for something of this nature to use on layouts of my son. Somehow, the more distressed skater boyish papers and collection don't always feel right for his younger toddler years. Or even his kindergarten years. I want the papers and other elements of the layout to reflect his age and where he was in his life at that moment. This collection is playful and fun and full of young kid character. The papers are all in one collection, all printed and are easy to use. And easy to match with other collections. There are flat stickers and 3d stickers, and letter stickers. I like to take collections like this and pair them with other products, so not everything I use is all patterned or themed. It also makes the product go a lot further and give you more layouts than if you just used the collection exclusively. <p><p> On this layout, I used just a plain piece of kraft cardstock and 3 of the papers in the collection, though only parts and pieces of them. I like the paper with the circles the best, though I couldn't use it all in big piece, as it seemed too much for my eyes. So I used part of it as a whole, and then cut the other pieces of it up. I even punched the smaller dots from it and scattered them about the layout as well as the larger dots. The other strips and scraps are pieces of the other patterned papers in the collection. <p><p> I also grabbed some of the Jillibean Soup collection, as it they seemed to match really well. I liked the kraft element of the papers and what they bring to the Spaghetti collection. The colors of the green, red and brown patterned papers are the same as the Jillibean ones. They are even similar in theme, with the cars and road signs. <p><p>
I also threw in my favorite new adhesive– the Scotch roller. It rolls out really smooth and is easy to change refills. I like how tacky it is, I don't have anything falling off the layouts in a months time, yet things are still somewhat easy to move around if I don't like where I have placed something. And if I am messy and get it on my workspace, its pretty easy to rub off and clean up. <p><p>
I wanted to also note that this composition was lifted from a layout by gluestickegirl's He Stands layout. [] I really like her style and have been bookmarking a lot of her layouts lately. When I am stuck and need a quick refresh of ideas, I always turn back to my bookmarked layouts and this week, hers was what came up first. Be sure to check out her gallery!
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