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Video - Kristina's Picks 10.1.10 (this is you.)



Love this!

sorry about that summer201, it's been fixed!

hihi, why i cannot open the video, they said it's private!!!

i love this layout. love it.

Video - Kristina's Picks 10.1.10 (this is you.)
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Garden Girl

Video - Kristina's Picks 10.1.10 (this is you.)
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 10/01/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week I selected the Enchanted Collection [] from Dear Lizzy for American Crafts. Working with this collection was different. There are so many parts and pieces and so many different types of icons and imagery. Its very eclectic. There are photo realist florals, drawn florals, geometric florals…. plus all the other icons, the tea cups, keys, etc. It feels very garden, sometimes playful garden, sometimes vintage garden. For me, it was easiest to pull out the pieces that I liked the best and go from there. The papers that appealed to me the most are the basic polka dots and subdued designs. But I also really like the photo realist florals. As usual, I cut strips of all the papers that I really liked and put them out to play around with.
The product though that appealed to me the most was the journaling cards []. And I had planned to make my layout just with a collage of those. There are tickets, empty journaling plates, bits with numbers and wisdoms, some lined some not, and all kinds of tiny icons seen throughout the collection. I cut them apart and into different pieces, I love the tiny titles, the random numbers and bits of wisdom. Using these was my goal for my project. It just felt right for me. Throw in some of the patterned paper strips and a few other items and it worked great.
The collection is inspirational. I can't think of a better word for it. Magical, and whimsical. It has bits of wisdom and instruction to live a happy life, smile everyday, find you, be magical. Collect the things around you that make you happy and make a wish. The quotes, stickers, rub ons and stamps all contain parts of these little life instruction.
I also really like the tapes []. They are light, some what transparent and easy to tear. I love being able to manipulate them, wrap them around corners, edges, bindings. I can see wrinkling them, or pleating them for a different effect.
I grabbed and threw in the Tim Holz Tissue tapes [] as well. They have the same feel and texture, but are very different in design. I like the designs on them, and liked the added feel to the layout.
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