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Video - From Start to Finish Video: Favorite Memories



strohmm, Congrats on your new Silhouette! On my layout I didn't use a font but downloads from the Silhouette store. This particular one is by Loni Stevens (favorite_memories_C00576_19547). That is her handwriting. She creates lots of titles for sale through the Silhouette America Online Store. One of my favorite script fonts to weld and use on pages is the "Honey Script" font available at

I just bought a silhouette and would like to know what font you used to print out your title to this scrapbook page? I absolutely love the messy handwritten script look! Any other favorite fonts you have that you recommend as well?

I never would have imagined what that pocket page could do! Great idea for memorabilia-esque pages. And you made vellum not old school! :-) Super cute LO - thanks for more techniques!

madebyejp...I cut the backing of the sticker (with the sticker on it) from the sticker sheet and adhere it over the printer paper, then run it through. That way it stays sticky.

Thanks for the videos - you're layouts are great!
Question - I couldn't quite understand how you print onto your journaling stickers through your printer. Can you explain that a little bit more for me? I listened to the video, but I'm not getting how you get the sticker to run through the printer....and still be sticky...

The plastic sheet is part of the stamp-a-ma-jig. :) It's one of my "must-have" stamping tools!

Video - From Start to Finish Video: Favorite Memories
About this project

Video - From Start to Finish Video: Favorite Memories
by Nichol Magouirk
posted 02/02/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Including memorabilia in my scrapbooking has been something that has not been easy for me. I'm the person who throws stuff away, not overly sentimental about stuff, hates clutter, etc. etc. I do collect a few things here and there and always end up tucking it all in a box somewhere. However, I have been ultra inspired by others who do such a lovely job of including memorabilia to try and do a better job of using these little pieces of my life that I've collected along the way.

I have had this stack of memorabilia sitting out on my desk for awhile now trying to figure out the best way to include it on a layout. I really wanted to use the KI Memories pockets because they are perfect for memorabilia. I could have used the 10“ pocket but I just used one on a layout awhile back so I wanted to try something new. The 5” pocket was too small for the Playbill and so I finally settled on the 12x12 pocket. Even though the pocket was a bit bigger than I really needed I decided to use it anyway and here is how I made the pocket my own and created something entirely new from this one product.

This week's CHALLENGE: use memorabilia on your layout. This can be anything from movie stubs, to a receipt, vacation memorabilia, kid's school memorabilia and more.

Have fun!

Watch video below | Favorite Memories
Challenge Submissions
West Side Story
posted by sassiescrapper
on 02/06/11 at 12:51 PM
London {From Start to Finish}
posted by Noa&Me
on 02/05/11 at 12:12 PM
I Love Your Smile
posted by Skermit12
on 02/03/11 at 04:31 PM

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