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Video - From Start to Finish Video: Growing Like a Weed



Just wanted to say:

Thank you.

Have been in a scrapbooking rut for the past year or so.

And seeing this amazing design and scraplifting it has finally brought me out of it.

It feels amazing to have this layout done with pictures of my son from 13 months until 2 years old. Even if I don't scrap anything else, at least I'll have this overview. I'll try to upload my scraplift later this week.


Wow, I got so many great ideas from this video. I love how you got so many photos on the 2 pages. Clear buttons over stickers...what a great idea.

Love this!

Hi it, love it, love it and would love it to be a little slower especially for the detailed bits, also when is the how to sewing video coming? Thanks.

Hi Nichol,
I love your video's and scrapbooking layout suggestions. Baker's twine is something totally new to me and I didn't see it on the supplies listed,so where do you find it. And how do you select such perfect papers for each project?

The video was fine at the speed it was, although I'd like a step by step reference sheet that I could print out and follow. Did I see a typo in the journaling? Just want you to know we are paying attention!

Oh Nichol, I just love this, this is perfect! I need everything you used so I can do this for the new baby album I'm going to need to do! Ooo, I could also do this for my oldest one's too!
Thanks Nichol, for making me love Wednesdays even more! :)
BTW, I don't mind the shortened video, but I wouldn't hate watching/hearing you for longer either!

Video - From Start to Finish Video: Growing Like a Weed
About this project

Video - From Start to Finish Video: Growing Like a Weed
by Nichol Magouirk
posted 03/09/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week's layout was inspired by the newest Lawn Fawn Stamp Sets: Say Cheese & Say Cheese, Too.

On my scrapbook layout to-do list, I have been wanting to do layouts for all 3 of my kids that incorporate a monthly photo for a year to see how they grow and change just at a glance. With these cute polaroid frames, I was finally inspired to get one of them done!

I love how the stamped frames instantly add pizazz to a photo and these are the perfect size for scrapbook layouts, I think. Each “opening” will accommodate a 2 1/2“ square photo.

One fun tip for the buttons I used on my layout: all the ”color" is from the Jillibean Soup sticker buttons. I simply sewed a clear button to give them some dimension.

CHALLENGE: Add a frame to your photos, either with stamping like I did on my layout or with photo mats, machine stitching, sticker borders, etc.

Watch Video Below | Growing Like a Weed

*note* I am speeding up the videos quite a bit so that they are not so terribly long to watch HOWEVER if there are enough people who would like to watch them slower (I have had a few requests) I will slow them down. Please note that the videos will be much longer. Let me know your feedback! Thanks.
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on 03/15/11 at 04:44 PM
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iron boy
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