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Video - Glitter GIrl Adventure 003: Breaking the Block



Really love the ideas behind this Glitter Girl :D You have given me a bit of inspiration!

oh my . . . I figured it out :) Im really slow, bear with me!!

I am wayyyyyy behind on the times and just discovered the glitter girl videos :) Love this one!!! I didnt see this layout in your gallery. Can you upload it please so that I can draw my own inspiration from it. :)

shimelle, oops i always forget.
glitter girl,
i love your video this week and the LO you created using different inspiration from different pages, is incredible! i'm definitely going to bookmark more now. how cool!!

I love your videos and really look forward to new ones!

This was filled with great ideas and tips!! :)

Video - Glitter GIrl Adventure 003: Breaking the Block
About this project

Garden Girl

Video - Glitter GIrl Adventure 003: Breaking the Block
by shimelle
posted 01/18/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

In this week's adventure, Glitter Girl creative block, an issue currently being discussed here [] on the General Scrapbooking message board at Two Peas. Her adventure takes her through the reasons why creative block occurs, how to find inspiration here at Two Peas and how scraplifting can become a useful step in the creative process.

In creating her project this week, Glitter Girl took inspiration from several pages in her Two Peas bookmarks. They are:
Say Cheese by hyperstarre [] (inspired the choice of the Peachy Keen products)
Look Alike by JenChapin [] (inspired the garland with buttons and assorted paper elements)
Hello Lazy Mornings by 4shanna [] (inspired the use of white cardstock and mist to start the page)
Time Flies by BrianaJ [] (inspired the title and influenced the page theme)
Ten by Wilna [] (inspired the mix of colour and black & white photos in a strip)
Chasing the Morning Sunshine by MaryGrace [] (inspired the use of lace as an final touch)

Come along for the adventure, won't you?

This week Glitter Girl challenges you to take inspiration from something you have found at Two Peas in a Bucket. Create something to share with the Two Peas community and in your project description, tell us about how you found inspiration here. Be sure to click the challenge box when you upload a picture to the gallery.

Join us every Wednesday for the Adventures of Glitter Girl, helping the world one crafting dilemma at a time. Each week Glitter Girl joins Two Peas via video to solve a problem posted on the message boards. Don't miss out as she shares project tutorials, product comparisons and technique tips throughout the new year.

And if you have a crafting dilemma, don't despair! Glitter Girl is here to help, and you can call her in times of need by posting on the message board.
Challenge Submissions
Nice to Meet You
posted by shiloscrapbug
on 01/24/12 at 04:07 PM
My love. Studio calico January kit
posted by wlvanman
via Two Peas for iPhone
on 01/24/12 at 08:57 AM
Uploaded with iPhone client
sweet family moments - glitter girl challenge
posted by MoniL
on 01/23/12 at 09:52 PM
You Make My Heart Dance - Glitter GIrl Challenge
posted by kkaisu
on 01/23/12 at 01:28 PM
"You turn me on" Card - Glitter Girl Challenge
posted by kkaisu
on 01/23/12 at 01:20 PM
I Love EWE Card - Glitter Girl Challenge
posted by kkaisu
on 01/23/12 at 01:09 PM
posted by kellyshults
on 01/22/12 at 02:57 PM
Misty page
posted by LisaEDesign
on 01/22/12 at 01:00 PM
posted by kicka
on 01/22/12 at 08:35 AM

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