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Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 005: Page Protector Problem



Thanks for answering my post!!! Your sooooooo AWESOME!!!

What a great idea with the washi tape! I'm definitely going to use that.

To keep the two layers of page protectors from sliding all around while you're trying to tape them, hold them together with a binder clip at the top and another at the bottom.

Another great video! Way to go Glitter Girl!

I love this series!!!

I love this series!!!

Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 005: Page Protector Problem
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Garden Girl

Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 005: Page Protector Problem
by shimelle
posted 02/01/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

In this week's adventure, Glitter Girl faces the page protector problem, an issue currently being discussed here [] on the General Scrapbooking message board at Two Peas. Her adventure takes her the completion of two projects this week: adding more photos to a layout by adding a fold-out section to the page protector and creating a custom divided page protector by sewing additional seams.

And a storage secret from Glitter Girl this week! Page protectors can be a nightmare to store, since they are slippery and hard to stack. Of course they can be stored in a box, but if you keep multiple styles, then of course the particular one you want to find will always be hiding! So think outside the box - and inside an album! Without pages inside, you can fit hundreds of page protectors in a 12x12 three-ring binder. If you have one in your collection that wasn't quite perfect but the rings are still functional, then this is a great way to repurpose it. Glitter Girl found this album which had fallen victim to an awkwardly dropped ink pad that stained the cover. But it still works perfectly in this function, and it's filled with all kinds of page protectors, from very small to full page, with all sorts of pockets in the mix too. Keeping this album near the work surface means layouts can go straight into a page protector with no searching through a mess of slippery plastic, and the storage is compact with all styles easy to access. (By the way, multiple brands and page sizes are all stored here together because most page protectors fit a standard three ring arrangement. The only exception in this case are 8.5x11 landscape/horizontal pages, and they are stored inside one 12x12 page protector since they don't fit the rings. Easy!)

Come along for the adventure, won't you? This week's video is separated into two parts. Don't worry - it's not longer, just separated so you can go straight to the project you want.

Here is Part One and Two of today's lesson. Something else you might find useful is the August 2011 edition of 4x6 Photo Love, which includes a different look to the fold-out technique. You can find more about that project here [].

Part one: Creating a panoramic page protector that folds out.

Part two: Sewing a page protector to create custom pockets.

Past 4x6 lesson with another fold-out option:

This week Glitter Girl challenges you to get creative and make a page with a custom page protector. Use any technique you want to try! Then take a picture and share it with us. Be sure to click the challenge box when you upload a picture to the gallery.

Join us every Wednesday for the Adventures of Glitter Girl, helping the world one crafting dilemma at a time. Each week Glitter Girl joins Two Peas via video to solve a problem posted on the message boards. Don't miss out as she shares project tutorials, product comparisons and technique tips throughout the new year.

And if you have a crafting dilemma, don't despair! Glitter Girl is here to help, and you can call her in times of need by posting on the message board.
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