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16  Comments - Video Memory Keeping Monday: Ages 2-4-6

This is AWESOME!

What a great video. I loved all the tips especially using the rounded pieces and trimming for that extra something! Great job!

I love the clear backing sheet - brilliant!!!! Love the layout. I couldn't tell if that was 3 of your children or one child until I heard you explain at the end. Great idea for a layout!

LOVE this idea!! The buttons under the number cutout is awesome!! Great video overall too...just the right amount of instruction...good editing!

LOVELOVELOVE this layout and idea - what an awesome way to get buttons into a layout. I have a ton, never use them. Now I am going to try this FOR.SURE!!!!!!

the buttons behind the die cuts are AMAZING!!

thanks for enabling me on more cool product! lol

LOVE the buttons in the number negatives!!! Your Monday videos just keep getting better and better. :)

love the buttons behind the negatives!! :D

So cute!

Super cute!

that technique with the buttons and the numbers is awesome! can't wait to try it!

Love it!

I just LOVE everything you create! you are fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Another awesome layout and video! Thank you so much, Nancy!

So awesome!

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