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Video - Glitter Grl Adventure 011: Sewing Machine Solution



Love this video! I just bought a new sewing machine and I can't wait to put it to work!!!

thanks for covering a topic in such detail....I have seen lots of sewing on LO lately and wondering what was the best way to do it...time to break out the sewing machine from my teenage years...I now have no fear to give it a try

I LOVE these videos! Wednesday can't get here soon enough!

I used to sew clothes, so I am very comfortable using a sewing machine & love to have stitching on layouts!

I never thought of stitching everything separately and then adhering them. What a great idea!


Great video on a topic that I was particularly interested the stitched look but have always been afraid to try it because I didn't want to ruin a layout. But as you said, it's just paper. So I'm going to give it a try. Thanks!

I LOVED this week's video, and your LO's are beautiful. I wanted to try stitching for so long, finally bought a machine, and have used it a little, but not as much as I'd like. After watching this week's video, I'm excited to see different ways to add stitching. Thank you!

Video - Glitter Grl Adventure 011: Sewing Machine Solution
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Garden Girl

Video - Glitter Grl Adventure 011: Sewing Machine Solution
by shimelle
posted 03/14/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week Glitter Girl tries her best to find the sewing machine solution - something currently being discussed here [] on the message board at Two Peas in a Bucket. Her adventure takes her through the basics of getting ready to use your sewing machine on a scrapbook page plus three scrapbook pages - one with stitching at the beginning, one as you go and one at the very end.

For even more sewing inspiration, check out these examples from the gallery:
one []
two []
three []
four []
five []
six []

Come along for the adventure, won't you?

This week, Glitter Girl challenges you to get stitching on a project of your own, then share the results in the gallery! Don't forget to tick the box for the Glitter Girl challenge in step four of the uploading process.

Join us every Wednesday for the Adventures of Glitter Girl, helping the world one crafting dilemma at a time. Each week Glitter Girl joins Two Peas via video to solve a problem posted on the message boards. Don't miss out as she shares project tutorials, product comparisons and technique tips throughout the year.

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on 03/16/12 at 01:24 PM

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