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Video - Finally Friday: This Book Belongs To...



What a fabulous design idea, well thought of :)

i love this bookmark! totally different than all the other ones floating around out there :) thanks for the idea!

What a totally awesome idea! I have to try this :)
Thank you for sharing!

Love your card/bookmark!

After I saw this, I went and ordered everything to make this. My niece loves to read and she will love this home made book mark. The elements thingy was sold out so I hope I can get one soon. You are so clever!!!

This is awesome! Love the bookmark idea....perfect for my biking friends birthdays...thank you for sharing your inspiration.

Video - Finally Friday: This Book Belongs To...
About this project

Video - Finally Friday: This Book Belongs To...
by julie_stamps
posted 03/23/12
Galleries: Cardmaking

In this Finally Friday video tutorial, I'll show you how to create a card and a gift all in one! Learn how to make a removable bookmark that is sure to brighten any book-lover's day!

My challenge for you is to create a bookmark/card as well. Follow along with my video for this easy to do project.
Challenge Submissions
Finally Friday Challenge - Bookmark Card
posted by shiloscrapbug
on 03/29/12 at 07:20 PM
Finally Friday - Bookmark Card - Father's Day
posted by howdyheidi
on 03/29/12 at 03:19 PM
La vie est belle
posted by Corinne B
on 03/27/12 at 01:03 PM
Finally Friday: This Book Belongs To...
posted by eagertoretire
on 03/26/12 at 12:20 PM
bookmark card
posted by msdixie
on 03/25/12 at 07:37 PM
Unlock your world...
posted by lubruni
on 03/24/12 at 11:14 PM
Finally Friday - Bookmark Card
posted by texaschic
on 03/23/12 at 01:10 PM

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