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Video - Memory Keeping Monday: "Pink Fish"



Darling layout!! Great idea with the flowers : )

This is such a fun layout!

My work is here

adorable layout! love banners around the page and the tulle flowers as well. thanks for sharing.

PS my daughter also uses a pink fishing pole...that way she never needs to fight her brothers...she always know which one is hers!

LOve your color I have another challenge to add to my to do list this week....Make some flowers

Video - Memory Keeping Monday: "Pink Fish"
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Video - Memory Keeping Monday: "Pink Fish"
by Shannon Tidwell
posted 04/30/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Hi! Welcome to the last Memory Keeping Monday in April….

This month one of our themes was florals. I decided to get a little crafty on my layout this week. Since working on my workshop materials I've noticed that I'm a lot more aware of inspiration around me. When I see something I like I ask myself why I like it…and how could I incorporate it on to my page. The inspiration for this layout came from one of my daughters barrettes. I was planning on making more for her instead of buying them….and once I got started thought they would be cute on a page. And 15 even cuter!

You can watch the video for the easy instructions on how to make the little tulle flowers as well as watch the layout come together.

As with each Memory Keeping Monday video there is a CHALLENGE. This week your challenge is to create a flower on your layout whether it's with paper, tulle, fabric, tape, ribbon, etc…. I can't wait to see how creative you are!
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