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Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 024: Handwritten Work-Out



I draw lines using a ruler with holes in it so that they writing is straight. Otherwise it always goes up or downhill!! Then I do what you said about writing lightly in pencil then go over it with a pen waiting until it's dry to erase. It works great! It has made much more brave about writing directly on the layout!! Thanks for the lesson!

I love wednesdays...because I love Glitter Girl Video's. Thank-you so much for the great ideas and tips.

Congrats on your nephew! Loved the color choices and hues for this layout. I'm getting "tired" of the baby blue and pink colors for newborns. Great video. Now I just have to get my courage up to write.

Love the way you say "aqua" hehehe

Love that you've used bright colours on a new baby page! Thanks for sharing all the handy tips and advice!

Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 024: Handwritten Work-Out
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Garden Girl

Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 024: Handwritten Work-Out
by shimelle
posted 06/13/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week Glitter Girl does her best to take the fear out of handwritten mistakes, something currently being discussed here [] on the General Scrapbooking message board at Two Peas in a Bucket. This week her adventure takes her through one new page, with handwriting on both the background paper and on a tag.

This week Glitter Girl is using just supplies from the Pieces of Me kit available exclusively here at Two Peas. This kit will make several more layouts, of course!

Glitter Girl's Top Tips for Happy Handwriting
*If you don't like your own handwriting and wish you did, you can change or improve it! Start doodling the alphabet and look specifically at one letter at a time until you find a way you like it. You can look at fonts and handwriting from other people to find what you like in a letter and with enough doodles and practice, you'll eventually find a happy point that takes the influence of the looks you like and incorporates it into your own handwritten style.
*Of course you can type your writing if you prefer. Do keep in mind that our brains work differently at the keyboard than they do with a pen and paper. If you find your writing comes out too analytical or lacks emotion when you're typing and you want to change that, try writing by hand. If you don't want to handwrite on your layout, you can always handwrite a draft first then type it up.
*Drafting can also be useful when you know you want to handwrite on a layout. Drafting your words first will give you an accurate idea of how much space that writing will need on your page, so you can inform your design choices.
*If you make a mistake, it's up to you whether you fix it or leave it. Scrapbooking is not an exam or a job application - and in those cases, I would definitely recommend fixing any error you spot! But it's really a personal matter whether you want to correct it at all on a page. If you were writing a letter to a friend or family member and you made a mistake, what would you do? That scenario is a good guideline, since scrapping is far closer to writing a letter than those other examples!
*Cursive writing is far more forgiving than print in terms of spelling mistakes, so if you write that way you can sneak in a letter or change it slightly sometimes!
*If you're worried about giving something a try, start in pencil and have a clean white eraser to hand. But pencil lightly (so it doesn't dent the paper) and wait longer than you think for the ink to settle and dry so it doesn't streak!
*The more you do this, the easier it all gets!
and… most importantly…
*If you're unhappy with the look on your layout, just try a do-over: write it again on another piece of paper, cut it to a size that works as a layer and cover the original writing. No one will ever know!

Ready? Come along for the adventure, won't you?

This week, Glitter Girl challenges you simply to handwrite on your project - no matter what happens, then share the results in the gallery! Don't forget to tick the box for the Glitter Girl challenge in step four of the uploading process.

Join us every Wednesday for the Adventures of Glitter Girl, helping the world one crafting dilemma at a time. Each week Glitter Girl joins Two Peas via video to solve a problem posted on the message boards. Don't miss out as she shares project tutorials, product comparisons and technique tips throughout the year.
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