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Video - Memory Keeping Monday: Sushi



love this!

So amazing - I love watching you work and your process. I bought those fringe scissors after your Products U Love Class last year but have never used them. Will have to pull them out for my next layout. Also have that circle cutter. Haven't used it because I don't have a glass mat. Thanks for using it on the Slice mat. Did not think of that. Now I can use it!!

Btw, what is that pretty font you used on the Silhouette? It's so pretty. :)


You are awesome...I love your design process...makes me feel like I am sitting with you in the studio! Great reminder to get out my tools and get brave.

Love your page, I could never cut a circle out of a finished page like that lol.

Hi, thanks!! @scarlettforever, I bought them here a couple years ago. They are made by Martha. ;)

Video - Memory Keeping Monday: Sushi
About this project

Video - Memory Keeping Monday: Sushi
by Shannon Tidwell
posted 06/25/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Hi & Welcome to Memory Keeping Monday! This week it's my turn to share a layout with you…I will be focusing on using tools. I admit, I'm a bit of a tool junkie. Even though they can be a large investment you can use them for years and years. Some of the tools I use in my video I've had for quite a while. Even though the exact one I'm using isn't available I've linked several great replacements.

I started my layout with the tool of all tools, the Silhouette. I had an idea for repeating my title in different sizes, but with different neutral papers. With that starting idea I let the layout come together as I went. Using the circle cutter was a spur of the moment decision…so glad it worked! Since the base of my layout was so neutral I had fun adding in bright splashes of color around the page in small doses. The orange thread was still in my sewing machine…so I went with it!

I hope you enjoy watching the layout come together. A small note about my process…I think I've mentioned before that I don't naturally scrap with the finished product in mind. I start with an idea and let the layout come together from there. So my style is a little harder to video but I'd rather share my natural process than trying to work backwards. So you'll see a bit of indecision…moving things around…fixing goof-ups….but that's scrapbooking!


Your challenge this week is to use a tool of yours that has been collecting a little dust…give it some love!
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