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Oh darn--they sold out already? I'll find out when they are getting more in stock!

does anyone know when this stamp + die set will be available? i can't find it in the store. :)

Use the sticky bit of a post it note to stop the dis from wandering about.

Can you stand one more suggestion? I found artist's masking tape at an art supply store. Thinner than painter's tape, cheaper than washi, more surface than a regular Post-it. I have found Post-it's that are sticky all over, but hate to "waste" them on die cutting. As fairyanna said, it's all in what suits you best!

all of the suggestions you have gotten are great! I have used just a touch of adhesive from my small adhesive runner, that works great too! Now you just have to find which one is best for Candace tee hee! :) Oh, and btw your card is TOO cute!!!!!:)

Thank you!! I'm totally going to try those suggestions!! I should have asked before I made the video! haha :)

I use post it notes to hold my dies in place when cutting them. It's like having an extra pair of hands. Great video , I love this paper collection too.

Using a temporary adhesive helps with the dies you used -- I've seen people use post it notes, washi tape (I think that's sort of a waste of washi tape, but that's just me), also painter's tape. Something to hold the die onto the paper that will easily peel off. It was definitely a fun video!

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