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i didn't not know the tiny tiny attacher did that! thank you so much!!!!

Great lesson! I love papers like that, but I find that I am afraid to do anything with them for fear of messing up the beautiful scene. Now I know. Thanks!!

How wonderful that you covered this situation with scenic papers. and thanks for the tiny attacher tip...did not know that we could staple in the middle of a page.!

I checked out the submissions for this week and WOW...lots of us have the same problem and their results are fantastic. Love your layouts and especially Love your Christmas in Brooklyn page

Thanks Glitter Girl for the great these sessions!

Great Video!! Loved how those pages turned out.

Another great lesson on a challenging topic. I also have both of those papers in my stash. As for the Farmhouse paper, I would cut a 7 to 8 inch square out of the center, so I could have some of the B side to use later. There would still be enough of a border to adhere the top two layers to.
Thanks Glitter Girl!

Great inspiration, I've had a go with some papers that had been sat in my stash.

I used one that I found challenging not too long ago - a paper that was a photo of grass. You're amazing to find the little place on these papers where a picture and a bunch of embellishments would fit.

Love your videos, and now I know how to use my tiny attacher to staple something to the middle of the page!!!

Oh wow, Shimelle! This video showing what you did with these scenic papers just blew me away. It gives me courage to go and dig out some of those papers I thought I could never use and see what I can do with them. I particularly appreciate how you walk us through your thought processes. That is invaluable!

And one more thing... I've been using my tiny attacher for a couple of years, and I never knew you could kick that little sucker back and staple in the middle of a page. Another wow!!! Thank you so much. I think this also was my favorite video yet... and I've enjoyed all of them.

Wow~I hope by watching your videos my brain will start working like yours! It is amazing how you put things together. Thanks for the hope of one day being

Wow~I hope by watching your videos my brain will start working like yours! It is amazing how you put things together. Thanks for the hope of one day being awesome............

Finally...a solution for those papers! I love the layouts you made! Now,please do a part #2 and show us how to extend these layouts into two-pagers!


Gorgeous layering, Shimelle!

You are amazing!!! These are great layouts for paper I would never consider buying,lol. Thanks for sharing your talent with us :)

I have both of these papers and now I have the inspiration to use them. Thanks so much, this video was so helpful.

I was a bit dubious when I saw the background papers, but the layouts turned out great! Love the ideas for adding all the little color touches.

Fabulous resolution to this scrapping dilemma! Great Job Glitter Girl! Thanks for the ideas!

I've been waiting 'forever' for someone to demonstrate how to use these type of papers. Can't wait to have a try, thanks Glitter Girl.

** Kate **

Love both layouts! These are the types of papers I see in the store and love but have no idea what I would do with them so ultimately they don't come home with me! I have this video bookmarked so when I see a scenic paper I can grab it and go for it! Thanks Shimelle!

OK pure genius! I didn't think you were going to make it! I know shame on me for doubting the powers of Glitter Girl! Really enjoyed this episode.

wow! This is great...thanks for getting this video up and still covering CHA!

Thank you for doing this video!, I have the farmhouses paper and have not used it.... Now I know how.. Thanks again

I was blown away by how you got those papers to work. Best episode yet.

Wow! Only Shimelle can make that first piece of paper look AWESOME....AND...make me want to buy Both pages are beautiful. I adore the Christmas one.

I really like how you met this challenge!! Your finished pages are spectacular and now I think I can perhaps use some of the scenic papers I've collected over the years! Thanks, Glitter Girl!

Pretty sure this is my favorite episode of Glitter Girl yet! I love both designs, and I have both papers. Now I need to find some photos and try my hand at this awesome technique!

I didn't think you were going to be able to sell me on that Thanksgiving layout... but OF COURSE, you did!! Love you videos... anxiously wait for them every Wednesday :)

WOW!!! ALL I CAN SAY IS WOOOOOW!!! Thanks Glitter Girl!!!

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