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Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 031: Crepe Paper Creations



Thanks GG I used some crepe paper in my stash the weekend because of your video. You are an inspiration.

I look forward to these videos every week. Thanks for another great episode!

Love the rolled rose! Thanks for another great video.

Thanks for all of your wonderful videos. I love your ideas on innovative ways to use what's already in my supply stash. I particularly appreciate your idea on the Webster's Pages doilies. I have them, love them and didn't have a clue as to a good way to use them until now. I very much look forward to your weekly videos and your Now for Something Completely Different layout ideas. Please, please, please keep sharing your ideas with us!!! You are very much appreciated! I hope you are enjoying the Olympics.

Thanks for another visit by Glitter Girl even in the midst of Olympic fun. Wednesday is not the same without some inspiring moments from Glitter Girl!

Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 031: Crepe Paper Creations
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Garden Girl

Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 031: Crepe Paper Creations
by shimelle
posted 08/01/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week Glitter Girl takes on a question about an older special supply: crepe paper ribbon, something being discussed here [] on the general scrapbooking message board. Her adventure takes her through the creation of a new scrapbook page mixing the older crepe paper ribbon with new supplies like Jenni Bowlin's Wren collection and new papers and stickers from Carta Bella and Webster's Pages.

Come along for the adventure, won't you?

This week, Glitter Girl challenges you to use crepe paper ribbon OR another older supply you've been saving instead of using, then share the results in the gallery! Don't forget to tick the box for the Glitter Girl challenge in step four of the uploading process.

Join us every Wednesday for the Adventures of Glitter Girl, helping the world one crafting dilemma at a time. Each week Glitter Girl joins Two Peas via video to solve a problem posted on the message boards. Don't miss out as she shares project tutorials, product comparisons and technique tips throughout the year.
Challenge Submissions
Working at the Car Wash
posted by serenitysmom
on 08/07/12 at 06:36 PM
Navi Team
posted by madebykarla
on 08/06/12 at 06:24 PM
8 & so great
posted by biochemipea
on 08/03/12 at 11:25 PM
Chris and Heather
posted by MKWeber
on 08/03/12 at 05:50 PM
posted by MKWeber
on 08/02/12 at 02:26 AM

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