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Video - Memory Keeping Monday : this old school



What a gorgeous page - so detailed and delicate :)

Im loving all of this page!! the tags, mixed up title & journalling wtg x

Love the ideas here! I'd never thought of starting with those alphas, and I love them but haven't used them much because of exactly the reasons you give! Love the stamps you used too :) They might find their way into my bucket today ;)

I agree - it's great to know the "why" of what you do. I really did love the contrast between the B&W photo and the colored letters/accent pieces. I won't be afraid to try that now. Thanks!!

@sassiescrapper - it's hero arts shadow ink in wet cement. currently my favorite gray!

Wow, great video! Love the gray ink, Lisa. I'm in the market for one. May I ask what brand it is? TIA!

Video - Memory Keeping Monday : this old school
About this project

Video - Memory Keeping Monday : this old school
by gluestickgirl
posted 08/13/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Stamping

Happy Monday, Peas! For this week's Memory Keeping Monday, I wanted to explore this month's school theme in a slightly different way. Instead of focusing on my kids going back to school, I decided to make a page about the school itself. This is a great way to celebrate the place your child spends so much time!

In this video, I'm focusing on using a bright and bold alphabet - and how to fix a little stamping mishap that came up along the way.

For this week's challenge, I want you to try stamping on the background of your next page. And if you screw it up, now you know how to fix it. ;)

Challenge Submissions
Artistic Cousins
posted by kharkov
on 08/19/12 at 10:02 PM
Memory Keeping Monday : this old school
posted by Neusinha
on 08/14/12 at 09:31 AM

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