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7  Comments - Finally Friday: Joy

I think that the perfect fit is an omen to keep the sparkly numbers! Beautiful card and video. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm off to order my fun fuzzy goodness!

Such a lovely little thing! I like it better with numbers, they don't look "too much".

Such a pretty card. Another vote for leaving them 'on.' They add sparkle and I think it makes the numbers easier to read. So lovely - thanks!

This is another wonderful card from you! I really enjoy your thought process and how you fly by the seat of your pants! Thanks for another beautiful creation!

I really like the sparkle that the numbers add; it looks very unique to me so I vote 'on'. Lovely card! thanks for sharing your creativity.

Great card. And I'm so glad the rub-on worked out for you it looks really nice. My opinion, because you asked, regarding the 25 is to leave the stickers off. The reason is I think those little clips are really unique and it's nice to show them. I think you could put the 25 like that on regular clips later for something else. Hope that makes sense.

I LOVE the CUTE card!! I think the Glitter #'s add a FUN touch!! I LIKE them!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

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