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36  Comments - Personal Shopper - Project Life Suggestions 11.22

I can't see the video, either. Disappointed I'll miss the last one. I really enjoyed these.

I can't see the video... bummer!

love your videos!
this is a great collection!

decided to start project life in 2013 so thanks for the inspiration Jamie! it's gonna be so much fun!

The video seems to be having trouble loading. thanks!

i LOVE this ! if all of it were on sale,i would buy it ! and i would love to try the sn@p line. <3

So many lovely goodies, I had to get some of the ones that weren't sold out while they we're on sale! :) Cant wait to play with them!

I would love to try the Sn@p line. Just getting started with this type of scrapping. Thanks for the chance !

I would like to see a non-traditional colors theme for personal shopper.

Thanks so much for your videos all year. I love seeing the product "live" so to speak, because you can really see so much more than the pictures in the store. Your videos always have me checking out product that I skipped over in the store. Cant wait to see what's next!!!

I'm going to miss these personal shopper videos but I'm excited see what 2peas will come out with next!

Great papers and letter sets. I love the chalkboard stickers!

Thanks for the great ideas for my upcoming Project Life style scrapbook. It is my first attempt at this and your video gave me some great options! Must go shop now!

I'm excited and sad at the same time! I really enjoyed this years videos covering products but I can't wait to see whats new. Jamie you did an AWSOME job with this series! Thank you!

Thanks Jamie for these great products. Love it all!

i love all of these products, even though I don't do PL! Can't wait to see the new video series!

love these product lines!

Ohhh I love those videos!But I can't wait to see what comes next!Thanks!

Thanks for an amazing series, Jamie! :)

Love the series, but can't wait to see what's next.

Sorry to see this series end, but excited about what's to come next! Thanks!

Love the Sn@p products. Always enjoy your PS vids too. Looking forward to the new series.

These SN@P goodies make me so excited to document everyday life, they really do!

Love all the products and would love to try the Sn@p range in my PL in 2013!

Love all of the products. Looking forward to new videos

Great help thank you. I am going to have a go in 2013 at project life so this was really timely and helpful thank you

I love all the products I'm doing project life and the products are just right for project life and I never would have known that these were for project life thank you for showing these, can't wait to see what you have for the next video


I just love the Snap products. They're so bright & cheery!

These date stamps are so cool and fun to work with! & boehoew :( I loved those video's, I will miss this! xx

Love all the project life products. Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the next video series!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh snap, I want it all, gotta get started on project life...

Thanks for the video Jamie. I would love to see some products for a December Daily album.

Oooh, SN@P goodies! Yay :) Great video, look forward to the new series.

Love those flare badges...cant wait for the new series!

Loved all the products this week! I've enjoyed the videos all year, can't wait to see what's next!

Another great video! Looking forward to starting PL in the new year - I've already started collecting some goodies!

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